Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Loving Orange

Writing a post about the genius that is Frank Ocean and his love album Channel Orange... Singing off tune right now

Sunday, August 05, 2012



Friday, December 04, 2009

Cave Canem? Nah Cave Killa

I want to be a Cave Canem poet
I will stop at nothing to achieve this
Going to a poetry reading in Baltimore on Sunday
Will take plenty photos

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who Are You?

How would you describe yourself?
Would you be analytical i.e. Black? White? Female?
Are you abstract i.e. free spirit? existential?
Hereditary i.e. Bajan Norwegian Parisian Hindu Muslim

I just find it interesting the way people describe themselves. Some people are short sighted and only see in themselves what other have labeled them (friends, family, teachers) and I feel that is such an unfulfilling way of life. Its devoid of self. These people hold themselves back from their god given potential. Then there are those who label themselves by titles; labels that they wear proudly and push around very haughtily. In a sense they are just as devoid as the latter mentioned but in this case once there are no more trophies, groupies or red ribbon cutting well, what are you then? Some people describe themselves by their occupation. And as I write this I pray they work jobs that suit them and bring them joy. There are few and far between that know the ugliness of their spirit and will tell you straight up "I'm crazy" "I'm a wolf". No comment on these...
I don't know why I'm writing this perhaps because I feel as though society has collapsed into itself spiritually and as a result we live in a constant state of nostalgic living i.e. bring back old fads, nothing original being created). Older generations as fucked up as their times were knew who they were; they had a sense of purpose. is the moral to this weird blog. You dont know who you are. You have to find out. Deep excavation and great adventures. Let parents teach you essential. Teachers teach your stepping stones. And everything else in the way of people, places and experiences make you who you assistance from outside agitators....

I'm a sun burnt fallen angel trying to find my way home..... I guess that was the poetic way

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Conscious Dick...thanx Common

Whilst on twitter today I tweeted I wanted to remake a song called "My Dick" by Mickey Avalon in my case it would have been "His Dick" but that is neither here nor there. A particular reader of my tweets direct message me (3 of them actually) tells me after this message she is unfollowing me because I sound so "well learned and poised" and rah rah rah and apparently me speaking on sex was too graphic for her sensitive lil eyes too see....
Thats cool because u shouldn't follow people u don't believe in and I don't need u anyway...The Soloist Wave Theory...I digress
But people lets take this into consideration;

Are you honestly going to tell me that u believe everyone of these nerd, poet, preachers, activist, teachers and leaders dont got freak in them?
Are they too good to bust a nut?
Are u considered stupid if you have had an orgy (that bit doesnt relate to me)?
Well I got plenty of freak in me...proud of it. Thats part of me. I read plenty books I got Fred Hampton and Malcolm X speeches on my ipod but Roxy Reynolds and Karrine Steffans are idols
What is the matter with being confident about your sex life? BTW-Don't misconstrue confidence with braggery.
But apparently I must be a crass lewd and poorly educated person if I talk about sex freely
If u feel that way kick rocks

"But they say you be on the conscious tip"
"Get your head right and get up on this conscious dick
I embody everything from the Godly to the Party
It's he way I was raised on the southside safari so..."

-Common, Make Her Say

Cuz at the end of the day all I want to do is live free and f*** hard nah mean?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Meaningless blog

So you say its not bout the late night sex but still I hear
restless sofa bed springs running criss cross between my earlobes
under rockabye suns we lay like sultan and concubine
wrapped into each others arms like winter scarfs
breathe into each others face giving our eyelids cpr

Thursday, August 20, 2009

School Girl


Im going back to school to attempt to get my MA in Creative Writing and Black Studies...I feel like I accomplish more when I'm in yeah

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cures for Agoraphobia

1) Get lost in the LES (Lower. East Side) of Manahattan

2) Buy journals that look like old school math textbooks from Barnes and Nobles in Union Sqaure

3) Have a Vietnam vet buy you Jack Daniels @ The Mars Bar

4) Give an oblivious shopper a table dance in the record store on 8th between 1st and A

5) Write poetry in a dive bar and leave it on a bar stool

6) Wander around wid Rasta DJ and talk about mutual friends

7) 2nd ave French Fries wid peanut satay sauce (ketchup is over)

8) Chicken and peanut sauce over jasmine rice on Baxter street

9) Visit ninjas and burn down trees in the studio

10) Give a bum a life lesson

11) Buy a vinyl wid NOTORIOUS B.I.G. on the cover

It was a beautiful day...even though it rained...and Im glad Im not afraid to go outside was fucking up my wave...sheesh

Sunday, June 28, 2009

where am I

Sometimes I get the feeling that when I look into the mirror I'm not staring at myself but sumthing else...its like my being is not really here. Its like I'm dreaming like right I really writing this. R u here?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kick Rocks Both Ya'll

"It is better to travel alone than with a bad companion"
-Afrikan proverb

Okay, sum bum bitch that doesn't need to be named because she is such a liar and lush asked if she could stay in my brib. I said yes. But then then she started to berrate my former manager. Bear in mind this woman has never invited me to an open mic, slam or let me feature at one of her shows. We know each other in passing.
So if your an aquintance thats talking about one of my niggas I cant fuck wid you. It is that simple. So when she arrives in New York I'm ducking her calls thinking she would get the hint. She didnt.

I tell my bf why Im not letting her in my house. She runs back and tells the bum bitch why then I spent the Saturday before my show arguing over Twitter wid both these bum bitches. And one of them is probably reading this right now.
Kick rocks ho

Cuz all of this drama could have been avoided if you had minded your business...yeah u dumb bitch and this time I'm not taking you back.

I don't want to be around negative people
I dont want to be around ppl who put they business in the street
I dont want to be around ppl who repeat shit I say to get sum kind of leverage over me, especially when I dont tell your business....
I especially dont want to be around users, haters, and wash up over hill bitches so ya'll can take care and get well soon

Friday, June 12, 2009

And Let's Not Forget the Elder

Backround information bout my grandma aka MUM
1) My grandmother always been a mover ans shaker (best bartender in Harlem)
2) My grandmother got bread enough to move her dimpled ass out of the hood but she won't
3) My grandmother goes to rehab because she has gout and she keeps falling down around the house and she is obese so she taking sum hard hit
4) My grandmother has never missed one month's rent at her residence

So why are these dirty bird niggas trying to kick my grandmother out of her house? Because apparently you have to be living in your residence 6 months out the year for you to continue to live there....
What kind of asshole threatens a 75 year old woman wid that? Who is your fucking mother....
Prestige Management dont know though that we have like the messiah of Jewish lawyers and he dont lose lets rumble bitch ass elderly bullying douchebags we ready

Friday, June 05, 2009

Who Are Your Parents?

I was invited to be a dancer at a bachelor party...sumthing to that effect. And upon entry I knew I would b dealing wid dirty bird niggas.
First off there were kids running in and around the party. And one 13 year old in particular kept patting my ass. I locked him in his room wid sum string and a hair (yeah I got skills).
Second there was 3 girls to 25 niggas. So I would expect even under bum niggas expectation each would spend 15 guranteeing us at least 100 a piece. Oh no not these muthatfuckas. The 2 other girls I came with did a lesbian show and they made it rain...40 dollars...for them to split between them. I dont split my money and I dont lick twat. So I damn sure wasnt gonna shake dance for sum nigga pennies.
Lastly and most shamefully...shorty who had been invited with me took it upon herself to suck sum trick dick in the middle of the floor in front of these dirty bird bum niggas. Yeah on her knees, sucking dick on that dirty roach infested floor in front of all those hoodrat niggas. She just stared at me. I stared back at her and as she complained about nobody wanting to tip her after that I asked her in my head,"Who is your mother?" "Why do you have 3 children?" "Why am I here?"...

BTW - the MAC and Digibox is on its way and I got tracks...ya'll know they gonna be fire stop bugging me ..cuz I dont want me being a stripper anymore either

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where there is smoke...

It started out as an average eve in the hood. I was outside in front of the building looking for sum bud that isnt generic and weak and Im talking to my peoples Xavier and Anthony. Xavier I known since kindergarten literally. And Anthony just a god body sweetheart type nigga. Anyways Im gettn ready to roll up but I wanted to talk to Anthony in private so I asked X if I could borrow him. He said yes. So me and Ant in the brib gettn ready to smoke the best Sour ever..4real and I hear the smoke alarm go off all crazy. Now Im not a big fan of my neighbors and I knew that it wasnt mine since it is broke so we stayed in the brib until it got so annoying we went to Insoector Gadget the hallway. Low and behold the plastic exit sign is on fire, not no big thing. But big enuf for niggas not to touch.
Then the cops come.
We aint snitchin.
Fire department come.
We aint snitchin.
32nd precint detective.
Knock. Knock. Knock.
On the door.
We told the officer that X was with us. So he might have seen who done it.
15 minutes later.
After we spark up.
Knock. Knock. Knock.
On the door.
Detective (who was cool cuz I know he was knocked over by the dour).
"There are plastic signs all over ur friends floor that are burnt. We have to take him in...he could hurt somebody..."
Then they took Xavier away.
And we laughed at his ass cuz that was sum dumb shit to sympathy

Monday, April 13, 2009

i am Gia Warhol

Just off the strength of Im a style icon, I paint and those are just my side hustles. But pretty much all my friends are painters, poets, musicians, hippies, socialites, genius and holy folk (dont forget druggies and prostituteS) yeah man thus the alias Gia Warhol.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sweetwater over Sam Ash

Yeah a really did cancel my orders from Sam Ash because Sweetwater sells the same shit for 20 less and has odds and ends that Sam Ash dont have. Im trying to do something new and different in music. I really feel like there isnt enuf time in the day time is flying...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kid Quitter oops...I mean Kid Cudi

Umm yeah...kinda split on this Kid Cudi retirement buisiness... I liked Day n Nite, shit is simple and true. The production is tight. Cant say dude is the wackest thing Ive heard compared to Soulja Boy and Fat Boy CO Rick Ross to name a couple. And one must remember how heads thought that Kanye was trizzy for the longest now he is a worldwide superstar. Now on the other hand I never listened to his mixtape but if you gonna let next people tell you how u livin or how you should be living you a bitch nigga...Homey got far. And to get that far you gonna hear people tell you your wack, lame and all the other who shot john but if u in the midst of stardom not realizing ur worth thats a hell of a deficit. I mean dude was on the cover of the XXL right? For all that he could have gave it up last summer...and let his spot go to someone a little more deserving but thats just me...smh at these lames

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Production Team of the Last Hip Hop Album

Team in no particular order

1) Track 1 - J Dilla - RIP to the one who made the real head nod shit

2) Track 2 - Bangladesh - Some hood anthem music

3) Track 3 - Tek - techno ghetto Alice from Wonderland type ish

4) Track 4 - Charles Hamilton - The master of the sample

5) Track 5 - Black Milk - if the Matrix was an all Black cast in the the projects this is what it would sound like

6) Track 6 - MF DOOM - Evil as I am I really do believe in having a villain score

7) Track 7 - RZA - Ummm yeah hello do I really need to explain this?

8) Track 8 - Heatmakerz - just to turn it up on niggas

9) Track 9 - Black the Beast - its the drums son

10) Track 10 - Kanye West - Revenge of the trendy nerd

11) Track 11 - The Neptunes - just because Im a loyalist

12) Track 12 - Dr Dre - got that remedy ya dig?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sitting at a Bar Stool

At a bikini bar at 2 in the afternoon...I cant wait to be famous stillettos and charlie horses hardly go together...smh

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How I Got in Tune with My Star Player

And truth be told my swag is Star Player. But upon seein "It's Pimpin Pimpin" Like lightbulbs went off in my head and I seen my name in mad bright lights.No lie its no secret to my friends and loved ones that I carry myself with a certain granduer and tell people more than often that I'm almost famous.
I honestly believe it though.And I let sum lame niggas try to bench my star player because they was never in the game let alone the court.
So last night mid coitus wid a NBA-esque block star I just happened to mentally evaluate my star player.
I then knew without a shadow of a doubt what encompasses a star player. The quintessential attributes I should say.
A star player is the shit to himself first foremost and always. A swagtastic vibrant cocky humble individual. Always fly eyes occasionally low. Stuntin with a new draft pick keeps a franchise player on the low. YES. Swag on star player. They cant play where you go. Mere bitch niggas Tryin to bask in your glow.

U know I was feeling sumthing like that lol thanx Katt.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Block Star Records

Yeah Ima start blogging my process of making a small studio in the spare bedroom of my brib. Reasons being I just need my own shit. Everybody who let me rock for free is blowing up or already on it so they dont be in town like they used to. And I feel I would be saving money with my own studio as opposed to paying for beats and studio time with others. So yeah stay tuned for the next hoodcast. Passport situation saorting itself out


Saturday, February 07, 2009

sigh of relief

I really couldn't do the starving artist thing. I'm just saying its good when you dont have to choose between groceries or shoes. lol. Ima be aight

Friday, February 06, 2009

Mr. Hamilton

Remember when we used to wander up Lenox ave and I used to tell niggas listen for Charles Hamilton? I just wanted to let you know all them niggas that was telling me you was wack and thought you was gay last year is on your dick this year. Hard. Your the reason why I rap. You may already know this. I just felt it bared repeating lol

Congratulations Mr. Hamilton you did everything you said you would

Monday, February 02, 2009

When Princes Go Home

My homeboy died last night. I don't know what else to say. Maybe later

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Lisa Lampanelli should kill herself

Okay as I'm typing this I'm watching Lisa Lampanelli's HBO special and she is making one too many references about the black race particularly men including;

*I love that Oback Barama as the president he's black enuf too excite me but white enuf to show up on time and get the job done

*Why does she [Sarah Palin] have so many children...the whore,is she black?"

*"Is this your girfriend or your owner?"

"I can be in the black version 'Chicken Grease' "

"Everyone knows niggers smell better than farts"

Now naturally I'm very understanding of free speech but god damn. Just because something is funny doesn't mean it's not racist. Even when Paul Mooney or Chris Rock goes in on White folks he is tasteful. This bitch is raunchy, dumb, a bird basically. I'm not even going to say anything too brazy....I'm tight tho
And you are asking yourself right now why I'm even looking at this aren't you? Fess up. The answer is that I'm looking at these professional looking Black folk in the audience feigning laughter and looking uneasy instead of having balls and walking out. Cuz a bitch like me would have thrown a Coach shoe at the heifer and ventured on the stage to get my footwear back. But thats just me and I'm just saying.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Industry of Cool

Random thought: Are all these performers that are popping up everywhere genuinely unique or are they just feigning individuality? Note: I love sum of the new artists out, sum I know in person. But they are genuinely into their craft then there are these
little tenny boppper "bright myspace having" internet type stars that really draw attraction from the art. Its not,"Yo shorty had bars" its "Look at shorty jacket". Don't get me wrong I know that an essential rule of the "urban ent. world" is too always be fresh and clean (and I adhere to these rules with a tool kit) but there was a subtle nuance to it in generations past...its like an all day fashion show. And not for nothing but I would feel mildly insulted if an artist tried to win me over with bright jackets and sneakers. Now if the artists is genuinely talented he or she can wear whatever the fuck they want as long as they have pure intent. Perfect Example: Andre 3000 (the first rapper I wanted to marry, is that a Pisces thing? Ima ask Erykah one day).
So the questions remains, where is the pure music and talent in the Industry of Cool?

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm getting ready to be absent off of blogger,gs poetry, myspace and all of my internet watering holes. I have too much to tend to. Constellation of a Block Star. And the Boombox said,. I got shows in other countries that I'm so not ready for...physically and spiritual wise. Oh and there is the little issue of me finessing my MC game before the summer. And getting out of debt before my first show overseas in March. I need sum time to get my nuts and bolts aligned, you smell me? Like a couple of weeks or months. Don't worry though I'll be back...wid sum new shit...promise....


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Training Camp

Those guys I did the song with...went with them to Training Camp @ Club Pyramid. I was part of the entourage,looking as sexy as I wanted to be. And I can take constructive criticism. But I felt like they was trying to come at my head and use me for my sexual prowess. My best friend's ex the CEO (Red Tape), and my ex is one of the rappers (Sin Blood). He the one in the white and black. And my phone never takes pictures at the right time.

So yeah. Sin and Tape actually give me encouragement. They tell me to work hard and have patience,stop being so eager. And they told me how I need to conduct myself in public. I liked that. They told me I sucked without telling me I sucked.

Them out of the way, just wanted to say I can't respect a nigga that tells me I got to suck and fuck the whole crew to get down....the 2 unnamed niggas. I don't do that. As sexually charged as I act and dress I'm not a ho, I'm not trading favors. I don't want to be Lil Kim or Foxy Brown. If my poetry is nasty. My bars have no choice but to get nasty. Cuz I feel like poetry is rap without the hook and the beat.

I know I ain't nice as Hov...yet. But I feel like I'm nice in my development. I just need to work on my delivery and my flow. I be aight. I don't know I guess they (un named assholes) thought by telling me I was trash I would be so upset and hungry to be on the team I would drop to the floor and suck their just forming dicks.

I ain't a booth rat bird. And just because they think that I should be I have to be the nicest.I have to be nicer. I have to be nicer. I must be the best. Number 1 because if you a female you got to work 500% harder....I won't lose...definitely not to them

You know what I hate?

He said,"Why don't you stick with poetry?"

"Because I'm a rapper."

"You lie to yourself too much"

"If you think so"

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


You can't leave the country if your in debt...that kinda puts a damper on my plans

Talking to Mr. Tibby While I'm Drunk

The Habibis (Deli Owners) gave me a cat

I kicked him out because he pissed on my $200 Betsey Johnson Angora sweater

When I came back the next day

This nigga was waiting for me in the hallway

Next to the security guard


Took him back upstairs with me

It was cold outside

Who wants to adopt a cat?

I dead ass might not be able to keep him


Friday, January 02, 2009

New News

Music brings people together in so many ways. Case in point I haven't talk to my ex boyfriend/ex fiance/ex fuck buddy (yes all one person) in like a month. All because my "best friend" wanted to get involved in my personal life. But anyway I happened to be featured on a track he was supposed to be on. I recorded it yesterday. He has been telling me "good work" since this morning (New Year's Day). Oh did I mention I was playin the part of a sexaholic? I was moaning throwing in sum choice phrases gotta wait to hear the song. I actually did rap but because of time constrâints niggas cut 8 of my 16 bars. Why did that feel so good with him teaching me how to deliver? Why did he have be one mixing it down? Why it felt like old times? Why I love this little nigga so much? It felt good to come together about music besides the old why you fucking this wack bitch, why niggas in our business, beating each other senseless in the lobby and various different schemes we cook up together. All that smiling, directing, praising that shit was tight. I know its gonna be good this year

Then I went to pops house

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Definition of a Faggot

Any man who hits a female. I got into a fight with a derelic AIDS patient (no seriously) who wants to infect every chick in the 10 block radius of 145 and 7th. No blood was shed. Got some good hits in with a Ketchup bottle. Got lit up by Murda. Sexy joint out of 3 building. And the OGs getting in that ass tommorow. With industrial rubber gloves of course. Happy Fucking New Year's by the way

Friday, December 26, 2008

About Xmas

I miss my grandmother....that's it

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2k9 @ a Glance

January - Paris and Montpilar
Febuary - Chicago and (U.K.?)
March - Berlin
April - Amsterdam
May - California
June - Honduras

Plus invites to go to Tokyo, Sydney and Brazil.
I don't do any travelling
So if yo know any hot spots I should know about
please shot a holla

Sunday, December 14, 2008

R.I.P. to the Starving Artist

To be honest I like stripping. That's my shit. I like being on stage and entertaining and making people happy, so to speak. I quit and stayed jobless for like 3 months because I let certain parties guilt me into not wanting to do it anymore. And I'm not going to lie. I was starving in the streets. I went without a lot of necessities and forget about shit that I really wanted. And the types of things I like to do require mozarella. And I don't do nine to fives...was never really my style. Don't call me lazy...I prefer non conformist. I'm not a 9 to 5 person more like 10 to 2. Can't really take orders gotta do my own thing. If I wasn't stripping I would probably work at Barnes and Nobles. The literature would be worth being ranked an underling.

In any event this bit of the blog is dedicated to the haters

7 People Who Have a Worst Job than Being a Stripper

1) A doctor that administers vaccinations w/ known side effects to babies
2) A policeman who arrests 16 year olds for loitering and send them to bookings
3) The judge who sends a non violent drug dealer to serve his time with rapists and
murderers, in turn teaching that man how to be violent and/or a killer
4) A teacher that feeds our babies propaganda bullshit in the public school system
5) CPS that doesn't do their job or wants to fuck with a family just cause....
I'm not even going to go there
6) The people who own BET for telling us we aint nothing but swingin chains, ass and
gangsta rap
7) The "pass the bucket" minister who uses your donations to keep his plethora of
rainbow colored gators maintained...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Santa Bet Not Fuck It Up List

Pink 9 inch laptop by Acer
Blackberry Storm
Ipod Touch
Gucci Duffle Bag or 2
Canon Rebel XS
Of course my pretty Black Pussy

Monday, December 01, 2008

Last Week was intresting

Went to see my grandmother she is still in Rehab for her leg
Realized my mother can't cook and if my grandmother dies I'm losing mor weight than I have in the past 9 months....please come home nana

Met Tek for the first. He was the guy who did the beat to the song I was featured on wid $b

He says I need to work on my stage presence lol he heard about my fuck up ;)


Forgot my father's birthday but he still loves me


My little cousin told his kpmrades that I kicked him out for sum nigga now I'm the bad cousin


I honestly dont give a fuck

I hate having a dusthead for a step father because he does things like this


this picture is actually from my room ;(

After Me, Tersit and Low sat on it there is now a new head to the Gia circle



Welcome Juicy Jameson

I was in Queens and I thought about that nigga


I used to dance in the club he got shot in front of, know girls that seen the whole thing go down


I miss him so much

o-do n-ye-rah-a fee kwan

that means "Love does not get lost on its way home"

"Love Lights Its Own Path, it never gets lost on its way home."

Come bak


A Love Note I Guess

I had this song in my Ipod I don't know how it got on there...

Then my friend Atum had sent me sum lyrics he said reminded him of me

It happened to be the same song

When you get a chance download and listen real trill shit

(Lyrics to Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix)

Well shes walking through the clouds
With a circus mind thats running round
Butterflies and zebras
And moonbeams and fairy tales
Thats all she ever thinks about
Riding with the wind.

When Im sad, she comes to me
With a thousand smiles, she gives to me free
Its alright she says its alright
Take anything you want from me, anything

Fly on little wing,
Yeah yeah, yeah, little wing


Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Love yeah right

Okay so I have 2 dudes that I deal with mainly

Flow 1: 36, Queens, Known him for a year, sugar daddy, in the street type of nigga, quiet, 1 child, got me pregnant, no type of emotion (he reminds me of Dexter), never had an argument

Flow 2: 19, Harlem, officially met in August, but he had been seeing me in the hood for years, spoiled brat turned bad, swagtastic, man whore, vane, Jamaican, stroke game is crazy, we b Ike and Tina

Flow 1's problem is that he don't know if he want to fuck with me on the long term or short term. Flow 2 feels a certain type of way because I'm a little older than him, and he cant get away with the shit that he does to young chicks as opposed to me. Flow 1 dissapears weeks on end. Flow 2 pops up with miscellaneous bitches to spite me when I piss him off (we both live in the same building)
You know what? It don't even matter. I'm cutting both of them off. Flow 2 I been avoiding because I know how he move. So I can duck him forever unless he come to my door...Flow 1 kinda adheres himself to me. Calls me from different numbers trying to catch me up. Think I might just change my number...

Here goes the Why's

Why I always get these rough around the edges, chase their own death type niggas...why?...why cant I just get a rough neck that want to come home at night....Actually Sin was that...but anyway he fucked himself

Apparently he told my so called best friend the real reason why he "dealt" with me and it was a purely sexual thing....but thats a lie. He felt a certain type of way because she pressed him and he told her some dumb shit....

Why did this chick make an ultimatum regarding my relationship without telling me?
Why ask the nigga, "Is you trying to fuck with Kiya or not because....."?
Why is that her business?

I dead ass felt like she took away my choice.
Then I blacked on him later that day...for something unrelated but the way I came across I think he knew why.

Why tell that girl that?

My head hurts and I'm horny....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

From Malcolm X Blvd to Home of Malcolm X

Poetry really does take you new and interesting places. Well new places. So for instance me being from Harlem I don't know nothing about Omaha Nebraska. Oh I'm lying it's the place Malcolm X was born and it was one of the main settings in the movie Belly. Lol. Besides that all I know of Nebraska is fields and shit. This poetry head hit me and asked if I wanted to do a poetry festival. I was excited. I like to keep my mind open. I like the country anyway. It's quiet. Peaceful. All things I need right now. Besides I like wandering in other peoples hoods. Makes me feel invincible. Too bad the festival is Summer 2k9. Fuck it something to look forward to

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Peaches and Cream from Georgia to Paris

I'm going to the land of Riley (great grandmother's maiden name); Georgia. I'm staying with a friend in Atlanta. Really hope I get to go to Savannah. You already know I'm hitting all the poetry venues. 7 days and nights of shopping, eating, poetry and debauchery. A vacation coming at such a perfect time. New York iz driving me crazy!!! Its too much of everything I used to do before its boring. I love Harlem til the day I die though. The bodegas, 99 cent stores, EG, Dun's House, The Polo Grounds but I'm demanding a change of scenery.

I'm going to Paris in January but I need some travel aids before I go...
1) New laptop
2) USB cord for my camara
3) Massively obscene sneakers and jackets
4) "How to Speak French for Dummies"
5) Ipod
6) BlackBerry

I just want to update on old gadgets

I don't know what to expect in Paris...