Sunday, June 28, 2009

where am I

Sometimes I get the feeling that when I look into the mirror I'm not staring at myself but sumthing else...its like my being is not really here. Its like I'm dreaming like right I really writing this. R u here?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kick Rocks Both Ya'll

"It is better to travel alone than with a bad companion"
-Afrikan proverb

Okay, sum bum bitch that doesn't need to be named because she is such a liar and lush asked if she could stay in my brib. I said yes. But then then she started to berrate my former manager. Bear in mind this woman has never invited me to an open mic, slam or let me feature at one of her shows. We know each other in passing.
So if your an aquintance thats talking about one of my niggas I cant fuck wid you. It is that simple. So when she arrives in New York I'm ducking her calls thinking she would get the hint. She didnt.

I tell my bf why Im not letting her in my house. She runs back and tells the bum bitch why then I spent the Saturday before my show arguing over Twitter wid both these bum bitches. And one of them is probably reading this right now.
Kick rocks ho

Cuz all of this drama could have been avoided if you had minded your business...yeah u dumb bitch and this time I'm not taking you back.

I don't want to be around negative people
I dont want to be around ppl who put they business in the street
I dont want to be around ppl who repeat shit I say to get sum kind of leverage over me, especially when I dont tell your business....
I especially dont want to be around users, haters, and wash up over hill bitches so ya'll can take care and get well soon

Friday, June 12, 2009

And Let's Not Forget the Elder

Backround information bout my grandma aka MUM
1) My grandmother always been a mover ans shaker (best bartender in Harlem)
2) My grandmother got bread enough to move her dimpled ass out of the hood but she won't
3) My grandmother goes to rehab because she has gout and she keeps falling down around the house and she is obese so she taking sum hard hit
4) My grandmother has never missed one month's rent at her residence

So why are these dirty bird niggas trying to kick my grandmother out of her house? Because apparently you have to be living in your residence 6 months out the year for you to continue to live there....
What kind of asshole threatens a 75 year old woman wid that? Who is your fucking mother....
Prestige Management dont know though that we have like the messiah of Jewish lawyers and he dont lose lets rumble bitch ass elderly bullying douchebags we ready

Friday, June 05, 2009

Who Are Your Parents?

I was invited to be a dancer at a bachelor party...sumthing to that effect. And upon entry I knew I would b dealing wid dirty bird niggas.
First off there were kids running in and around the party. And one 13 year old in particular kept patting my ass. I locked him in his room wid sum string and a hair (yeah I got skills).
Second there was 3 girls to 25 niggas. So I would expect even under bum niggas expectation each would spend 15 guranteeing us at least 100 a piece. Oh no not these muthatfuckas. The 2 other girls I came with did a lesbian show and they made it rain...40 dollars...for them to split between them. I dont split my money and I dont lick twat. So I damn sure wasnt gonna shake dance for sum nigga pennies.
Lastly and most shamefully...shorty who had been invited with me took it upon herself to suck sum trick dick in the middle of the floor in front of these dirty bird bum niggas. Yeah on her knees, sucking dick on that dirty roach infested floor in front of all those hoodrat niggas. She just stared at me. I stared back at her and as she complained about nobody wanting to tip her after that I asked her in my head,"Who is your mother?" "Why do you have 3 children?" "Why am I here?"...

BTW - the MAC and Digibox is on its way and I got tracks...ya'll know they gonna be fire stop bugging me ..cuz I dont want me being a stripper anymore either