Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Industry of Cool

Random thought: Are all these performers that are popping up everywhere genuinely unique or are they just feigning individuality? Note: I love sum of the new artists out, sum I know in person. But they are genuinely into their craft then there are these
little tenny boppper "bright myspace having" internet type stars that really draw attraction from the art. Its not,"Yo shorty had bars" its "Look at shorty jacket". Don't get me wrong I know that an essential rule of the "urban ent. world" is too always be fresh and clean (and I adhere to these rules with a tool kit) but there was a subtle nuance to it in generations past...its like an all day fashion show. And not for nothing but I would feel mildly insulted if an artist tried to win me over with bright jackets and sneakers. Now if the artists is genuinely talented he or she can wear whatever the fuck they want as long as they have pure intent. Perfect Example: Andre 3000 (the first rapper I wanted to marry, is that a Pisces thing? Ima ask Erykah one day).
So the questions remains, where is the pure music and talent in the Industry of Cool?

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm getting ready to be absent off of blogger,gs poetry, myspace and all of my internet watering holes. I have too much to tend to. Constellation of a Block Star. And the Boombox said,. I got shows in other countries that I'm so not ready for...physically and spiritual wise. Oh and there is the little issue of me finessing my MC game before the summer. And getting out of debt before my first show overseas in March. I need sum time to get my nuts and bolts aligned, you smell me? Like a couple of weeks or months. Don't worry though I'll be back...wid sum new shit...promise....


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Training Camp

Those guys I did the song with...went with them to Training Camp @ Club Pyramid. I was part of the entourage,looking as sexy as I wanted to be. And I can take constructive criticism. But I felt like they was trying to come at my head and use me for my sexual prowess. My best friend's ex the CEO (Red Tape), and my ex is one of the rappers (Sin Blood). He the one in the white and black. And my phone never takes pictures at the right time.

So yeah. Sin and Tape actually give me encouragement. They tell me to work hard and have patience,stop being so eager. And they told me how I need to conduct myself in public. I liked that. They told me I sucked without telling me I sucked.

Them out of the way, just wanted to say I can't respect a nigga that tells me I got to suck and fuck the whole crew to get down....the 2 unnamed niggas. I don't do that. As sexually charged as I act and dress I'm not a ho, I'm not trading favors. I don't want to be Lil Kim or Foxy Brown. If my poetry is nasty. My bars have no choice but to get nasty. Cuz I feel like poetry is rap without the hook and the beat.

I know I ain't nice as Hov...yet. But I feel like I'm nice in my development. I just need to work on my delivery and my flow. I be aight. I don't know I guess they (un named assholes) thought by telling me I was trash I would be so upset and hungry to be on the team I would drop to the floor and suck their just forming dicks.

I ain't a booth rat bird. And just because they think that I should be I have to be the nicest.I have to be nicer. I have to be nicer. I must be the best. Number 1 because if you a female you got to work 500% harder....I won't lose...definitely not to them

You know what I hate?

He said,"Why don't you stick with poetry?"

"Because I'm a rapper."

"You lie to yourself too much"

"If you think so"

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


You can't leave the country if your in debt...that kinda puts a damper on my plans

Talking to Mr. Tibby While I'm Drunk

The Habibis (Deli Owners) gave me a cat

I kicked him out because he pissed on my $200 Betsey Johnson Angora sweater

When I came back the next day

This nigga was waiting for me in the hallway

Next to the security guard


Took him back upstairs with me

It was cold outside

Who wants to adopt a cat?

I dead ass might not be able to keep him


Friday, January 02, 2009

New News

Music brings people together in so many ways. Case in point I haven't talk to my ex boyfriend/ex fiance/ex fuck buddy (yes all one person) in like a month. All because my "best friend" wanted to get involved in my personal life. But anyway I happened to be featured on a track he was supposed to be on. I recorded it yesterday. He has been telling me "good work" since this morning (New Year's Day). Oh did I mention I was playin the part of a sexaholic? I was moaning throwing in sum choice phrases gotta wait to hear the song. I actually did rap but because of time constrâints niggas cut 8 of my 16 bars. Why did that feel so good with him teaching me how to deliver? Why did he have be one mixing it down? Why it felt like old times? Why I love this little nigga so much? It felt good to come together about music besides the old why you fucking this wack bitch, why niggas in our business, beating each other senseless in the lobby and various different schemes we cook up together. All that smiling, directing, praising that shit was tight. I know its gonna be good this year

Then I went to pops house