Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm getting ready to be absent off of blogger,gs poetry, myspace and all of my internet watering holes. I have too much to tend to. Constellation of a Block Star. And the Boombox said,. I got shows in other countries that I'm so not ready for...physically and spiritual wise. Oh and there is the little issue of me finessing my MC game before the summer. And getting out of debt before my first show overseas in March. I need sum time to get my nuts and bolts aligned, you smell me? Like a couple of weeks or months. Don't worry though I'll be back...wid sum new shit...promise....



  1. Good Luck! I will still follow your blog when you update it.

    FOR REAL good luck! We need better Female Rappers :D

  2. where u goin??? no fair. We never even got to chill. I feel the hussle game tho. I'm such a bum myself. :-(