Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kick Rocks Both Ya'll

"It is better to travel alone than with a bad companion"
-Afrikan proverb

Okay, sum bum bitch that doesn't need to be named because she is such a liar and lush asked if she could stay in my brib. I said yes. But then then she started to berrate my former manager. Bear in mind this woman has never invited me to an open mic, slam or let me feature at one of her shows. We know each other in passing.
So if your an aquintance thats talking about one of my niggas I cant fuck wid you. It is that simple. So when she arrives in New York I'm ducking her calls thinking she would get the hint. She didnt.

I tell my bf why Im not letting her in my house. She runs back and tells the bum bitch why then I spent the Saturday before my show arguing over Twitter wid both these bum bitches. And one of them is probably reading this right now.
Kick rocks ho

Cuz all of this drama could have been avoided if you had minded your business...yeah u dumb bitch and this time I'm not taking you back.

I don't want to be around negative people
I dont want to be around ppl who put they business in the street
I dont want to be around ppl who repeat shit I say to get sum kind of leverage over me, especially when I dont tell your business....
I especially dont want to be around users, haters, and wash up over hill bitches so ya'll can take care and get well soon


  1. talking about negative lol

    oh and she talking about me... and i am not where i am not wanted