Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How I Got in Tune with My Star Player

And truth be told my swag is Star Player. But upon seein "It's Pimpin Pimpin" Like lightbulbs went off in my head and I seen my name in mad bright lights.No lie its no secret to my friends and loved ones that I carry myself with a certain granduer and tell people more than often that I'm almost famous.
I honestly believe it though.And I let sum lame niggas try to bench my star player because they was never in the game let alone the court.
So last night mid coitus wid a NBA-esque block star I just happened to mentally evaluate my star player.
I then knew without a shadow of a doubt what encompasses a star player. The quintessential attributes I should say.
A star player is the shit to himself first foremost and always. A swagtastic vibrant cocky humble individual. Always fly eyes occasionally low. Stuntin with a new draft pick keeps a franchise player on the low. YES. Swag on star player. They cant play where you go. Mere bitch niggas Tryin to bask in your glow.

U know I was feeling sumthing like that lol thanx Katt.

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