Friday, January 02, 2009

New News

Music brings people together in so many ways. Case in point I haven't talk to my ex boyfriend/ex fiance/ex fuck buddy (yes all one person) in like a month. All because my "best friend" wanted to get involved in my personal life. But anyway I happened to be featured on a track he was supposed to be on. I recorded it yesterday. He has been telling me "good work" since this morning (New Year's Day). Oh did I mention I was playin the part of a sexaholic? I was moaning throwing in sum choice phrases gotta wait to hear the song. I actually did rap but because of time constrâints niggas cut 8 of my 16 bars. Why did that feel so good with him teaching me how to deliver? Why did he have be one mixing it down? Why it felt like old times? Why I love this little nigga so much? It felt good to come together about music besides the old why you fucking this wack bitch, why niggas in our business, beating each other senseless in the lobby and various different schemes we cook up together. All that smiling, directing, praising that shit was tight. I know its gonna be good this year

Then I went to pops house


  1. that dress you had on was bad ! (as in I love it ! )

  2. wow how fun! i always wanted to be the random girl that no one knows for real on a track. lmao. and i looooove your photography!

  3. i feel you so much on what you said on my blog. ive played. but ive settled down =) so that fixes that lol

  4. Suppose that's what I hope to do. Glad it does it for you.

    Love the pictures. And there's something about that header image. Every time I see it I'm inspired to do something different...