Friday, June 12, 2009

And Let's Not Forget the Elder

Backround information bout my grandma aka MUM
1) My grandmother always been a mover ans shaker (best bartender in Harlem)
2) My grandmother got bread enough to move her dimpled ass out of the hood but she won't
3) My grandmother goes to rehab because she has gout and she keeps falling down around the house and she is obese so she taking sum hard hit
4) My grandmother has never missed one month's rent at her residence

So why are these dirty bird niggas trying to kick my grandmother out of her house? Because apparently you have to be living in your residence 6 months out the year for you to continue to live there....
What kind of asshole threatens a 75 year old woman wid that? Who is your fucking mother....
Prestige Management dont know though that we have like the messiah of Jewish lawyers and he dont lose lets rumble bitch ass elderly bullying douchebags we ready

1 comment:

  1. Section 8? How did this turn out btw? Jew lawyers are the best. Section 8 in fla says ppl cant be out of their residence for more than 30 days wtf is that meantime she has a valid medical reason this is an extenuating circumstance so there should be no problem with her winning.