Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who Are You?

How would you describe yourself?
Would you be analytical i.e. Black? White? Female?
Are you abstract i.e. free spirit? existential?
Hereditary i.e. Bajan Norwegian Parisian Hindu Muslim

I just find it interesting the way people describe themselves. Some people are short sighted and only see in themselves what other have labeled them (friends, family, teachers) and I feel that is such an unfulfilling way of life. Its devoid of self. These people hold themselves back from their god given potential. Then there are those who label themselves by titles; labels that they wear proudly and push around very haughtily. In a sense they are just as devoid as the latter mentioned but in this case once there are no more trophies, groupies or red ribbon cutting well, what are you then? Some people describe themselves by their occupation. And as I write this I pray they work jobs that suit them and bring them joy. There are few and far between that know the ugliness of their spirit and will tell you straight up "I'm crazy" "I'm a wolf". No comment on these...
I don't know why I'm writing this perhaps because I feel as though society has collapsed into itself spiritually and as a result we live in a constant state of nostalgic living i.e. bring back old fads, nothing original being created). Older generations as fucked up as their times were knew who they were; they had a sense of purpose. is the moral to this weird blog. You dont know who you are. You have to find out. Deep excavation and great adventures. Let parents teach you essential. Teachers teach your stepping stones. And everything else in the way of people, places and experiences make you who you assistance from outside agitators....

I'm a sun burnt fallen angel trying to find my way home..... I guess that was the poetic way

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  1. Labeling yourself can be so limiting. I try not to define myself anymore (especially with anything negative) because it keeps me from evolving. I described myself as shy for so long, I realized I was using it as an excuse not to open up. I became miserable, but comfortable that way.

    Anyway, it was nice stumbling across your blog. I hope you decide to come back to it one of these days. :)