Sunday, February 01, 2009

Lisa Lampanelli should kill herself

Okay as I'm typing this I'm watching Lisa Lampanelli's HBO special and she is making one too many references about the black race particularly men including;

*I love that Oback Barama as the president he's black enuf too excite me but white enuf to show up on time and get the job done

*Why does she [Sarah Palin] have so many children...the whore,is she black?"

*"Is this your girfriend or your owner?"

"I can be in the black version 'Chicken Grease' "

"Everyone knows niggers smell better than farts"

Now naturally I'm very understanding of free speech but god damn. Just because something is funny doesn't mean it's not racist. Even when Paul Mooney or Chris Rock goes in on White folks he is tasteful. This bitch is raunchy, dumb, a bird basically. I'm not even going to say anything too brazy....I'm tight tho
And you are asking yourself right now why I'm even looking at this aren't you? Fess up. The answer is that I'm looking at these professional looking Black folk in the audience feigning laughter and looking uneasy instead of having balls and walking out. Cuz a bitch like me would have thrown a Coach shoe at the heifer and ventured on the stage to get my footwear back. But thats just me and I'm just saying.


  1. Bite it you half wit, Mooney is a racist against whites. and Cris Rock is cool but he also does several black jokes as does Katt Williams. Also, she make fun of herself. I have met Lisa on a few occassions and as a newbie comic who does not get off his ass and go forward, LL takes the wheel and drives it with all cylenders pumpin. Lisa, also puts herself at risk by commenting on her weight, family relationship, her own insecurities and so on. At Radio City, I seen her Sister and Parents whom I photographed and emailed Ms. L. and she was not only appreciatative of her parents it was clear that her Parents who raised intelligent, polite, courreious, educated and very intelligent and know how to take and give a joke or funny story. Rather than disect and pick-a-part her act, absorb the entire performance and just enjoy it! Steven Warren

    Steve "Marchete' Mouth" Warren

  2. "LL takes the wheel and drives it with all cylenders pumpin"

    Riley Freeman's Voice
    -Get off her dick.

    If your going to comment all that, don't start by insulting the author of the post. I mean if you really want to go in about it.

    Nah on the real, some of her "black jokes" are border line.

    "Everyone knows niggers smell better than farts"
    "Is this your girfriend or your owner?"

    -If a white woman ever said these comments to me.....aww man. Lets not go there. I've seen my mom's get beat up when I was young and I promise myself that I would never put a woman thru what see went thru.

    ... in this case. I don't know. Might get the business from some shit like that. That's too far.


  3. I wouldn't take it too personally. She's mocking people's tendency to overidentify with their ethnicity. We're individuals, not parts of some imaginary group.

  4. and I bet ur white...i mean why would u be offended??