Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Industry of Cool

Random thought: Are all these performers that are popping up everywhere genuinely unique or are they just feigning individuality? Note: I love sum of the new artists out, sum I know in person. But they are genuinely into their craft then there are these
little tenny boppper "bright myspace having" internet type stars that really draw attraction from the art. Its not,"Yo shorty had bars" its "Look at shorty jacket". Don't get me wrong I know that an essential rule of the "urban ent. world" is too always be fresh and clean (and I adhere to these rules with a tool kit) but there was a subtle nuance to it in generations past...its like an all day fashion show. And not for nothing but I would feel mildly insulted if an artist tried to win me over with bright jackets and sneakers. Now if the artists is genuinely talented he or she can wear whatever the fuck they want as long as they have pure intent. Perfect Example: Andre 3000 (the first rapper I wanted to marry, is that a Pisces thing? Ima ask Erykah one day).
So the questions remains, where is the pure music and talent in the Industry of Cool?


  1. ahhh thats a terrific topic...some performers can be absolutely talented but as long as they have bizarre or cocky style with their colorful sneakers and leggings...that lady gaga chick ahh she is a normal ass wack ass pop star..don't get me wrong i like to shake something to that "just dance" song but she is being labeled an icon just because she wears hair bows blow up dresses and dangerous ridiculous

  2. industry of cool, interesting

    nice chk me out one day if u can

  3. Check Out Artists like Madichu DK Chinwah, he's Erykah's producer and co-wrote most of her first album and has played or been a part of most of her sets period.

    Check out Kevin Sandbloom, Taalam Acey, Nafeesa Monroe. The last two are spoken word poets. Check out Gina Loring. All Genuine talent. The music and art is fine! It's just cloud by fast food music and culture. That's always been the culture.


  4. true story.with all the 'talent' sprouting up everywhere, it's becoming especially important to seperate the 'reals' from the 'fakes'

  5. well said honey,I think real talent stands the test of time girl. oh and like you i love me some Andre Benjamini,now thats talent :o)
    muah x

  6. some people want money
    some want the fame
    some people just genuinely have to create art
    i think that's a big part of it