Saturday, June 28, 2008

I love a man dedicated to my vagina

I watched a lecture from Dr. Donald Torry. He is mad cool. Sexy and older (yummy) He is the only doctor I've seen thus far that looks like Rick James. Attire and hair, everything. He basically broke down how you suppose to having a period is good. Real deep shit I cant go into. But I highly recommend the tree of conciousness series...its a collection of lectures, documentaries, autobiographies, movies and news reels for the people that reside outside the matrix. Availible on the dvd stands on 125th.

Vegetarianism is reaffirmed. owwwwww!

Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm having very strange dreams

Thursday, June 26, 2008

cool random weekend

Little boys from the Dipset block (151 b/w amsterdam and broadway) are so funny. I was walking up the road and this little boy ran off the stoop, stopped right in front of me, rub his hands down my thighs and smacked them. Now obviously if this was a grown man I would have been pissed and swinging, but it was so innocent. He probably seen his mother and father doing that. Lol. His mother snatched him away and was laughing hard too but the shit was so random my lil sister wanted to take a pic. We did. And their mother who was like 9 months pregnant was selling nutcrackers so we got the strawberry daquari joints and it turned into a completly funny night. I love Harlem.


i wonder how it would be to move away. Abandon all that i know. And start again from scratch? I think I was phoenix in my past life

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Damn myspace starting panic

I had remarked on sumthing I was doing this week and sum of my ppls thought I was throwing in the towel with the poetry buissness. Not so much that as getting my barings. I just realize sumthing integral I need to work every other week and concentrate on my art everyday. To keep me in the style I'm accustomed. Its not so much materialism than being a dandy Deans tend to do that. Some of my comrades who live off their poetry tell me to come into the fold...i walk straight tho. Dancing is an art too.

Yute speak da truth

i dont dig the materialistic and paper chase but my sister said sumthing profound and its my truth right now,"the only niggas u need is benjamins for hubbies. grants on the late night..."
my dollars are starting to get strained

A reason why I dont trust doctors....

NEW YORK — Hundreds of people who took an HIV test at New York City clinics between November 2007 and April of this year were incorrectly told they tested positive for the virus, the New York Post reported Sunday.

In total, 213 people reportedly tested positive for the virus after taking a rapid mouth-swab HIV test manufactured by OraSure technologies.

The reason for the incorrect results is being investigated by the Department of Health, the Post reported.

In the meantime, the DOH has stopped using the swab test, which was first introduced to New York City clinics in 2005.

But Dr. Susan Blank, assistant DOH commissioner and director of the bureau of STD control, told the Post that all individuals who were found to be positive after taking the swab test were immediately given another test — one that required a blood sample.

"Nobody was misled or harmed," Blank said.

(yeah thats what ya'll bastards think....)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

FDA pissing me off first thing in the morning

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on teas, supplements, creams and other products that falsely claim to cure, treat or prevent cancer even though they are not agency-approved drugs. All are available for sale on the Internet.

The agency has sent 25 warning letters to companies and individuals marketing these products, FDA officials said Tuesday. Twenty-three of the letters went to domestic companies and two to foreign individuals.

FDA officials said the statements made about these products are dangerous because they could prevent a patient from seeking proper treatment for cancer. They could also harm a cancer patient by interacting with other drugs the patient is taking.

"FDA is very concerned that consumers will purchase these products on the Internet and use them instead of products that have been proven safe and effective," said Michael Levy, director of the agency's new drugs and labeling compliance division.

The letters criticized unproven claims made about these products including the ability to "destroy the enzyme on DNA responsible for cancer cells," and the power to "neutralize" carcinogens. One product's Web site had a testimonial claiming it had cured a patient's skin cancer in three days, according to one of the letters.

The ingredients of these unproven treatments include bloodroot, shark cartilage, coral calcium, cesium, ellagic acid, and a variety of mushrooms among other products.

Officials said that if the warnings are not heeded, the agency could take action including seizure of the products and criminal prosecution.

"Health fraud has been around for years, and it is a cruel form of greed," said David Elder, director of the agency's enforcement office. "Fraud involving cancer treatments can be especially heartless."

(but wait didnt the FDA go to the Supreme Court with sumone who actually cured cancer...not to mention aids, diabetes sickle cell, lupus and a whole slew of next (now peep this)


While the world is in search of cures for terminal diseases like AIDS and Cancer, one man claims to have already done so.
Alfred Bowman, who is a Honduran Herbalist, also known as Dr. Sebi, said he has found the cure to AIDS, Cancer, Sickle Cell Anemia, Diabetes, and numerous others however, when he made this miraculous claim 10 years ago, he wasn’t commended….he was ARRESTED & JAILED.
In 1985, Dr. Sebi placed an ad in The Amsterdam News, The New York Post, and The Village Voice claiming to have cured AIDS and other diseases. The ad read: “AIDS HAS BEEN CURED BY THE USHA RESEARCH INSTITUTE, AND WE SPECIALIZE IN CURES FOR SICKLE CELL, LUPUS, BLINDNESS, HERPES, CANCER AND OTHERS.”
The ad ran for two years before it was noticed by the Attorney General of New York, who began to question Dr. Sebi’s claim. Dr.Sebi was instructed to remove the ad, and when he refused, within days he was served with arrest warrant. The read out from the Grand Jury read: “Mr. Alfred Bowman AKA Dr. Sebi, you are hereby charged with practicing medicine without a license, selling products not approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration), and claiming to cure AIDS, and other diseases which is a fraudulent claim.”
The problem with Dr. Sebi’s claim was that not only was he not a medical doctor, but he was healing people by methods that were “unscientific”. Dr. Sebi was healing and curing diseases through the use of herbs. Incidently, his title as a doctor comes from being a herbologist.
His claim of healing diseases through the use of herbs wasn’t based on theory, but instead based on fact because he was a living testimony. “I was weighing 280 lbs, my asthma increased, Diabetes became present, and at 28, I was impotent. I had visited the urologist, endocrinologist, internal medicine, and general practitioner. My weight increased, my diabetes increased, and my sex didn’t come back,” Dr. Sebi explained.
After numerous attempts to conquer his medical problems failed, he was referred to Mexico, where he bought some herbs and fasted for 94 days. “At the end of 94 days, I’d lost 89 lbs, I didn’t have diabetes, I didn’t have asthma, I was not impotent, and I threw away my glasses,” he said.
Dr. Sebi looks at herbs from a different perspective, his beliefs are based on principals directly from the Bible. “God said the herbs are for the healing of the nation. (Genesis 1:29, Ezekial 47:12). So, if you think God didn’t know what he was doing, we have just committed our biggest mistake. If we don’t believe God that the herbs are a healing of the nation, then we can go to a man by the name of Hypocrites,” he stated.
Hypocrites was recorded as being the world’s first doctor, and according to Dr.Sebi, he cured everyone with herbs. “Every disease known to man, he cured with plants. God said the herbs work, Hypocrites used herbs 365 years before Christ was born.” He continued, “many times we hear people say that only Jesus heals, well Jesus used herbs too, but there were people healing long before Jesus. That is not to discredit Jesus, it’s just that God said the herbs are for the healing of the nations.”
Unfortunately, for Dr. Sebi, the Attorney General and the State of New York were not willing to accept this methodology, and as a result they began to cause problems for him and his institute, problems he’d anticipated.
“We heard many times that when you put and ad in the newspaper saying that you cure a disease, you go to jail, especially with AIDS. Well I kept hearing that for years, even the healers in New York said that I was going to jail,” he said. And jail is exactly where he went. After refusing to comply with the demands of the Attorney General he was sent to jail. After a few days had passed, his luck began to change.
“About a week of being in jail the Judge said, would you please let Mr. Alfredo Bowman, or Dr. Sebi out and have him come to my office. I went to your honor’s chambers. He said, ‘so you are the man who isn’t afraid to take on the world. ‘I said, that’s a piece of cake. He said why, I said because everyone is on the quantum theory, the little bubble, and life is outside of that.
He said, “may I ask you a question?…Why do you claim to cure AIDS?” I said, well I have a mother, I have a nation, I have myself that I represent, you being a judge, you already know why I say I cure AIDS.”
Dr. Sebi continued, “he looked at the lady that was sitting at the table and he turned to her and said, did you all investigate this man before you arrested him, because he claims to cure AIDS. Did you investigate the man? She said, “No.” The judge said, “well, the answer he just gave me, he cures AIDS, you all are in trouble.”
Dr. Sebi was later found not guilty by the state of New York, and the Supreme Court because he was indeed curing people of various diseases. The prosecuting attorney said Dr. Sebi’s methods were unscientific, and accused him of being out of his mind, but Dr. Sebi was able to convince the court of his methodology.
“I showed them when you have sinusitis, what’s in the nasal passage, they said mucous. When you have bronchitis, what’s in the bronchial tubes, they said mucous. And when you have pneumonia what’s in the lungs they said mucous. And when you have Diabetes what is obstructing the pancreas passages?…Mucous again. Everything is mucous, from AIDS to blindness is mucous in the system that needs to be swept out,” Dr. Sebi explained.
Dr. Sebi has compounded those things and formed his institute, and he also has a factory where he manufacture's his products.
There are many herbal products on the market today, but Dr. Sebi said they are different from his products for two reasons: (1) they are not healing any diseases, because (2) they are man made products.
“The herbalists instead of using God’s herbs, they are using man made herbs. That is their biggest mistake and it continues to be their greatest mistake. When God made plants he made them complete, the molecular structure is complete. When man makes plants the molecular structure is incomplete, and there is an acid base,” he said.
Dr. Sebi’s wife, Matune, said the fact that they use natural herbs is what makes them different than most others. “We offer electric food that is natural to us. We are all electric. To live life is electrical. There is nothing in the supermarket that is alive. The only electric food is in the forest, “she said.
Dr. Sebi further explained, “All natural plants that God made are electrical. Everything that he made is electrical. The body is electrical, so you need electric food for an electric body, not a dead food.”
Dr. Sebi never received a formal education. He never even went to kindergarten, and he attributes his ability to understanding this perspective to his lack of education. “If I had gone to school I would have been embedded to a particular philosophy that would have prevented me from venturing into this larger spectrum that exists today that most people can not see because we are tied to a very small perimeter instead of venturing out.”
He said some of examples of plants that are being recommended to consumers that are not made by nature and God are peppermint, aloe vera, comfrey, and carrots…to name a few. He also said the only way for consumers to find out more about the differences between man made and nature made is through educating themselves.
In order for Dr. Sebi to establish himself with not only the courts, but to the people who sought cures was through proven, documented cases of people who were actually healed, people other than himself. He has cured numerous cases of AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, and other diseases from people throughout the United States, and other countries. He recalled the first case of AIDS he actually treated and cured through herbs.
“A young man came to me with AIDS, who was sent to me from Memorial Hospital in Boston. He was about to die, and he had his coffin in the hospital already. The young man was from Washington, D.C., and the then Financial Independence Magazine Editor called me and said “have you ever treated AIDS?” I said no. But she had seen people who came to me with Sickle Cell Anemia, with Leukemia, and with blindness that were cured in Washington, D.C. She saw that much to encourage her to think that I may be of some use with AIDS.
I said, “ I have never cured AIDS before.” She said my brother-in-law’s brother has AIDS, do you want to treat him? I was in Puerto Rico at the time, and I told her to fly to New York, where I have a center on the corner of Flatbush and 5th Ave. I told her to go there and I will call the attendant and tell her what to give you. She did, and she flew to Boston and that evening she was there.”
He continued, “Mike was in the bed groaning, and moaning with Pneumocystic Pneumonia, and his coffin in the room. That was Saturday. They gave Mike the Herbs, and he opened his eyes about four hours later. Sunday morning Mike was sitting on the bed. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, he’s bathing himself. Two weeks later they kick him out of the hospital. He came back two months later, and they said he no longer had AIDS, that they must have made a mistake.”
Dr. Sebi said he saved that one diagnostic sheet, and soon after, “a Haitian came, another Haitian came, a Latin American from Puerto Rico came. When I had accumulated 5 AIDS patients that were cured, I began taking ads out in the newspapers telling the world I had cured AIDS.
Accompanying Dr. Sebi on his recent visit to Albany Georgia was one of his patients, Zaahirah, who is currently treating, and she had her own testimony to share. “I had been in a car accident, which happened in Philadelphia. I’ve seen over 35 doctors, I’ve had all kinds of treatments, and all kinds of tests, and nothing worked. The last doctor I’ve seen he gave me a lot of information about fasting and cures. I decided I had to do this myself. So I got a lot of information, and then I met Dr. Sebi about a month or so ago. I started on his products. Before I couldn’t walk, and they told me I should be in a wheelchair, but I refused to do that. I had a cane, and I always had to hold on. I couldn’t walk from my door to my car, it was too far.
Since I’ve been taking his products I’m still limping, but the pain is totally gone. I’m walking without holding on. I’m walking better than I have in four years. October 22, 1993, I had this accident, but it has made a big difference. I had heard about him when I was in Philadelphia years ago, but I never thought I’d get a chance to meet him, no one knew how to get his products. It was prior to the accident that I’d heard of him, but I never thought I’d meet him, so when I met him I was elated.”
He continues to cure hundreds of people through his herbs. He offers several packages to consumers, the ultimate of which consists of the total treatment in Honduras at his Holistic Village, “It has hot springs on it with effervescent springs and sulfur saunas. People go there from all over the world to be healed,” he said.

(and thats a little biased just those 2 points of view so im posting a patient's blog)

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the USHA Healing Village in Honduras. It was truly a blessing to be able to see Dr. Sebi's work in person. The people in the surrounding villages have many stories to tell of how Sebi has healed their loved ones. I have included the following link so that you can view my pictures.

A typical day at the village will include drinking bitter herbs three times a day (morning, noon, and evening). There is a natural sauna and thermal baths. The difference between hot and thermal springs is that thermal springs are “precipitated by volcanic activity, which means that the water has a high concentration of sulphur and phosphorous. Not so for a hot spring. A hot spring is precipitated through a bed of geolite that’s under the ground and as you know geolite is a mineral that boils water - that doesn’t necessarily make it thermal…one has sulphur and phosphorous and oxygen in large amounts…It means that the body is receiving a large amount of hydrogen iron concentration that relaxes the body immediately. It plays a very good role on the central nervous system – stress is gone immediately after you enter the water.”

The atmosphere is perfect and conducive for fasting and relaxing. The vegan meals are prepared fresh and are excellent and tasty.

Please come back to the forum and let me know what you think of the pictures and if you have any questions about the village. Note: Most of the pictures are from Dr. Sebi's village; toward the end there are some photo's from Roatan, one of the Bay Islands which are also a part of Honduras. Dr. Sebi's village is on the mainland.

I highly recommend that if you are able to travel to Honduras that you visit the village. One of the great wonders of travel (to Honduras or anywhere elso) is that a journey far from home can actually take us deep inside ourselves. When we surround ourselves with new locations, the dusty tangles of everyday worries and responsibilites drop away, and we see our lives in a new light. With this release, a vacation becomes more than just "time off". After all, the word vacation comes from the Latin word vacare, which means "to be empty or free". A journey from home is the quickest, most effective route to this very special kind of freedom. It not only offers the opportunity to "empty" yourself, but to fill up with more positive ways of being.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Peace & Healing,


Also see:

So the first article said that people who have been diagnosed will not actively seek medication right? Do to these fraudalent claims of cures and thing. But the FDA can kiss my ass and this is coming from sumone who actually got Cancer...I'll take my chances with the mushroom because unlike a ominous little white pill or a needle. A mushroom essentially comes from out the ground. Fucking assholes. They want to kill us off...if I had a dick this is when I'd say suck it

No compromise BABY!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Early Morn

I need a friggin waffle yo...I'm hungry but I dont have an umbrellla to brave the wheather....

Y I Dont Like Being Stationary

I was walking up St. Mark's and bumped into these totally chill dudes from Columbia we was talking gov.t, school systems, work zombies. Real intrging shit. And I usually dont pick up strays (random person) off the stree and have a 45 minute conversation with them. I'm glad I ventured to the Nuyorican.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good Idea

Have you ever seen that movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Shit was hot. For those who didnt see it it was about a couple who broke up and had a procedure administered that completely wiped out all traces of each other in their memories. Ironically they get back together (not really ironic but oh well) and roses. I dont want a fresh start I just want to erase person x from my memory. Everything reminds me of person x....pancakes...nightmare on elm street...moet...happy feet...summer...Hov...LIRR...The clam sauce...duffle bag not fair.

You know how thoughts just pop into your head. Its happening to me at the most inoppurtuned timed.

Daddy Day Eve

"Fuck him" is a bit too strong. But when I think about his transgressions in my youth I get pissy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Someone keeps calling me private. I dont know who it is I think it is one of 2 of my exes. So by process of elimanation I came to the conclusion that it isnt my ex joint from Queens its this dude I used to deal with. Wanna know how i did it? The person who called me was outside shorty in Queens stay in his house called him private and i couldnt hear nothign in the backround. So predictable.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Little Bastards and Bitch Ass Po Lice

Okay sum I'm coming hom from the hope center. Minding my buisiness and the sum cops nearly hit me in they car. I said,"Wat are you doing?" the cop driving aint say shit but this ugly bitch with glasses on the side of the car gonna say,"Shut up you crazy bitch!" now me being the lil spit fire that I AM go to the precinct. They trying to make me report the incident another day. Why dont we just let it go..,blah blah fucking blah. When the bitch came into the precint she was still popping shit. Calling me out of my name. So I'm yelling screaming calling internal affairs writing down everyones badge number all types of shit. Then they start acting nice. Kept me waiting for an hour when they said it was going to be 3. Tried to fuck up my complaint paper work and I made them type it over until it was to my satisfaction.
So I left.
Whilst walking up Lenox avenue a bunch of stupid lil grown niggas gonna wet me with like 7 bottles of water. I chased them assholes around for a while. I threw my plate of food at them now I'm hungry.
Oh and my feature was cancelled today because the air conditioner dont work at the love loving this week.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Coney Island

The only thing I dont like about Coney Island is the the trip out there

but if you wid friends its trillz

you already know im a freak for bright colors esp. PINK

I look sexy in the sand.....

I really do

Hot 97

As I write this it is literally 97 d. outside. And I made a point of going to the Hope Center so sumeone off the smug staff could say sum bullshit about me wearing my shorts. They didnt...damn. I wanted to act ignorant. You know we dont know how to act in this weather

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Things I've Noticed in the Past 3 Weeks

1) The Ramones are the truth
2) Sum things dont change
3) Coney Island is still my favorite place in the world
4) I'm a tasty little pound cake
5) Writing is my calling
6) I got good quality friends (Judy D., Tersit, Lauren, Aja, Silky)
7) Life is sooooooooo good