Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Conscious Dick...thanx Common

Whilst on twitter today I tweeted I wanted to remake a song called "My Dick" by Mickey Avalon in my case it would have been "His Dick" but that is neither here nor there. A particular reader of my tweets direct message me (3 of them actually) tells me after this message she is unfollowing me because I sound so "well learned and poised" and rah rah rah and apparently me speaking on sex was too graphic for her sensitive lil eyes too see....
Thats cool because u shouldn't follow people u don't believe in and I don't need u anyway...The Soloist Wave Theory...I digress
But people lets take this into consideration;

Are you honestly going to tell me that u believe everyone of these nerd, poet, preachers, activist, teachers and leaders dont got freak in them?
Are they too good to bust a nut?
Are u considered stupid if you have had an orgy (that bit doesnt relate to me)?
Well I got plenty of freak in me...proud of it. Thats part of me. I read plenty books I got Fred Hampton and Malcolm X speeches on my ipod but Roxy Reynolds and Karrine Steffans are like...my idols
What is the matter with being confident about your sex life? BTW-Don't misconstrue confidence with braggery.
But apparently I must be a crass lewd and poorly educated person if I talk about sex freely
If u feel that way kick rocks

"But they say you be on the conscious tip"
"Get your head right and get up on this conscious dick
I embody everything from the Godly to the Party
It's he way I was raised on the southside safari so..."

-Common, Make Her Say

Cuz at the end of the day all I want to do is live free and f*** hard nah mean?

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