Monday, March 16, 2009

Kid Quitter oops...I mean Kid Cudi

Umm yeah...kinda split on this Kid Cudi retirement buisiness... I liked Day n Nite, shit is simple and true. The production is tight. Cant say dude is the wackest thing Ive heard compared to Soulja Boy and Fat Boy CO Rick Ross to name a couple. And one must remember how heads thought that Kanye was trizzy for the longest now he is a worldwide superstar. Now on the other hand I never listened to his mixtape but if you gonna let next people tell you how u livin or how you should be living you a bitch nigga...Homey got far. And to get that far you gonna hear people tell you your wack, lame and all the other who shot john but if u in the midst of stardom not realizing ur worth thats a hell of a deficit. I mean dude was on the cover of the XXL right? For all that he could have gave it up last summer...and let his spot go to someone a little more deserving but thats just me...smh at these lames

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Production Team of the Last Hip Hop Album

Team in no particular order

1) Track 1 - J Dilla - RIP to the one who made the real head nod shit

2) Track 2 - Bangladesh - Some hood anthem music

3) Track 3 - Tek - techno ghetto Alice from Wonderland type ish

4) Track 4 - Charles Hamilton - The master of the sample

5) Track 5 - Black Milk - if the Matrix was an all Black cast in the the projects this is what it would sound like

6) Track 6 - MF DOOM - Evil as I am I really do believe in having a villain score

7) Track 7 - RZA - Ummm yeah hello do I really need to explain this?

8) Track 8 - Heatmakerz - just to turn it up on niggas

9) Track 9 - Black the Beast - its the drums son

10) Track 10 - Kanye West - Revenge of the trendy nerd

11) Track 11 - The Neptunes - just because Im a loyalist

12) Track 12 - Dr Dre - got that remedy ya dig?