Friday, May 30, 2008

I week in the life of a Harlem Rock Star Gal

Me at Marlo's ripping the mic before my brother Rainmaker make his feature owwwww

Me and my best friend Judy lokoing for mice just playing

Dressed like Ghetto Woman (super heroine) with my lovely god child Zion...yea and she is prettier than UR baby lol

If it wasnt for those Chuchifrito stands in the middle of Washington Heights @ 3 in the mornign I would be a vegetarian right now. FUCK!!!

Taking care of bizness

I am Ihops most loyal customer lol. Go ask the staff

This is me @ The Rooselvelt High School Talent Showcase with Miss B. The illest MC in Washington DC. The Freedom School with booking agent Tenisha Percell. It rained the whole time we were there ;(

Did I tell you story how I got kidnapped by a crazy vegetarian who wouldnt let me eat a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich in Philly? Well after we escaped we went to Bob Evans with KD and Destination. I had sum banging hot cakes with vanilla pudding in the middles and strawberry/banana sauce on top...cuz I'm a princess duh!!!

Went to Pop's house (Abiodun) everybody was getting shitface drunk and doing poetry. We were definatly on our limerick ish. And Aja graced us with her beautiful voice and Taliban scarf

Me and Albe acting straight fools. Yea we were drunk

This is my road dog Jessica Rabbit AKA Souletic

She has a nasty flo so fellas better watch out

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cali, France, London and Amsterdam.

I'm being booked by Skoolboye going on tour with dem. And I'm a Wordstock Poet under Regie Mason (alongside Rainmaker and D Black, heavyhitters) going on a eastside tour then a Europe. I'm blessed yo. Cuz this time last year I didnt know I would go so far in so little time. I guess hard work pay off. And nice guys dont finish last.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Maybe I'm High but...

I used to collect old skool comics. Marvels being my favorite. Now I didnt read them I just collected them. But all this hype about Ironman got me thinking. The original Iron Man in the 60s and 70s was black. So why is the dude in the movie white? They giveth and taketh away. aint that dqa fuckin truth?

the above strip is takin from #225


I signed the contract this evening I am officially on tour. Luckily though it doesnt really conflict with work and play and I guess I'll be going on tour in the middle of this one because the tour dates are 2 weeks apart from each other. So I guess I can hit up the areas we dont

Child Support

I'm 21 and apparently still on it. I aint broke no mo bitches! Lol

Smack and old man? YES!

Okay me and my road dog Rainmaker is in the Hope Center on the computers conducting various shit we have to do for the tour coming up. I walk outside to smoke a ciggarette and sum old man says to Rain,"If that was my girl I wouldnt have her dressed like that..." Bear in mind I had on full length jeans, jacket then only thing he had a problem with was my midriff. So I spit back,"You need to mind your fucking bizness. I'm grown like you grown and can wear watever the fuck I want." This nigga walks away so I follow him every step. I'm trying to have a decent dialogue with partner and this nigga call me a "whore" So I start calling him all types of bastards, old mother fuckers and rah rah rah. Then I had to stop. And it came clear into my head. I'm gonna punch that fool in his mouth ne4xt time I see him or get sumone to fuck him up. Now on a normal day I wouldnt have cared, but I'm hungry, broke and have to perform tonight on a full stomach.
Who made this motherfucker the "Ho Patrol"?
Cuz there was a bunch a niggas on the corner selling weed to the yute. Now I wonder if he ever told those fools to stop selling halucenigens to grade schoolers? Because I DO! I guess everyone wants to be some kind of police. Old men suck. The last of the good died when mine passed. Cuz if my grandfather seen me he would have said,"If one of these fools holla at you make sure they take you shopping!"
Had 2 end on a positive note lol

Broken arm? Newwark and ish

yo my arm still hasnt heeled. I now know what it feels like to be an artist living from hand to mouth. I mean its cool. The only thing I'm missing is Mary Jane. Went to Jersey last night killed the microphone. Got asked to feature at sum next club in downtown New Wark and everythig is running smooth. I'm going to the Key Club tonight the place I will be featuring at in the near future. Owwwwwww! wats going on now is that I'm petitioning my ex boyfriends for reperations. They are forming a queue and I'll be colllecting money througout the day. That sounds a little bit ish but you know I'm a good girl. If all else fails I will be panhandling. Oh yeah just because I'm fresh and fly dont mean i dont panhandle lol.
I didnt know how much my ex boyfriend companionship meant to me until I went to Jersey a couple of days ago. I had 7 dollars in my pocket (after Time Warner, Verizon and the rent). Enough for an orange juice and sum weed. I broke into tears. Whatever. I wouldnt go back to someone just because their pockets are chubby.
This is the period where my love for poetry will be tested. I'll pass. Believe me, with flying colors.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

1116? Not Quite but fuck it.

Okay. I got signed to go on a 17 city, 35 university college/high school tour. Its kinda *uckd up that it is happening right around the time I wanted to do my 1116 tour, But I'm getting paid, paid well and I still have to write new materials for the college tour so when it comes to my solo mission I have more than enough. More than enough. (sorry ir beared repeatign) My arm has recovered somewhat so tommorw I'm going to work. Get ready for the things come up. Its kicking off within the next 3 monthish. So of course I need sneakers, dresses and some time to design my signatire shit. I got DJ lessons (sad isnt it) and modeling classes to go to.
I'm being stretched thin. Too thin. I wonder how I dont let my mask slip.
I'm also starting to look my age.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

DJ Fairytalez

That's hot right? How I used my stripper name for my DJ name? Tell me that ish dont sound hot though? And my name dont just sound good I was having a very intriging conversation with DJ Disciple (house music , huge on the UK circuit) and I figured out my signature sound using the theory that sum songs need intro and others need warning labels. And I'm going to do, you may ask? Wait til I start spinning bitches....coming to a club across the pond heifers. Whats the point of djing in the US when the guap and adventure is out of country.

Poet, MC, DJ? I'm making myself very well rounded this year.

Broke Ass

Aint been to work since Monday. Sprained arm. Occupational Hazard. Damn those pole tricks.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Penn and Teller-Airing dem out

I was watching Penn and Teller tonight they were talking about Gun Control. And I love these dudes for the simple fact that they break shit down from both sides and the answer is clear cut to anyone with common sense.
Guns dont kill people, people kill people. If every chick in america had gun niggas would think twice before robbing or raping them. If niggas is already robbing, raping, killing, extorting and doing all this debauchery what makes you think that they wont break one of the 20,000 laws enforced for gun control? Duh. Fucking duh.
What if we abolished all guns? Well then we would be completly defenseless against the NYPD, LAPD, FSPD, all pds, CIA, National Guard, whomever got the shit that can round us up and fuck us over. think hard on it.
And I personally believe like Thomas Jefferson that there needs to be a revolution at least 20 years to kick tyrants out and keep fresh minds behind the desks that run our great nation. I aint no patriot but I wave a flag and sum toast on Harlem's behalf and all hoods. I'm gutta like that I guess.
I'm ready for Marshall Law is you?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I do have class and I know when to act like a lady.

Fucking Tired (Weak Chest)

Because dead ass. I love blogging. And I cant do it because I have reherse, spit, and get to the club on time.
I eventually knew I would have to travel into the realm of adulthood. But I'm a child at heart that means sans 9 to 5 or any job I got to work 8 hours. Alast I got to work to look fly because I going on a block money strike. Except from the dudes that make it rain on me.
So I need to make enuf money to pay bills my poetry bookings dont cover. And besides that I want to buy a house in Honduras so I saving my money hard body. Then there is the book, the LP, the publishing company and the record label.
And if somewhat important to me you know I'm suffering from an affliction that makes it hard for me to breath let alone. Stand on my feet and climb poles all night. Thank you Newpipe and the World Health Organization. For all the cancer patients you have produced.
The only thing good I can say about that is that I debuted at Bada Bing's Gentlemen's Club and was recieved very lovingly by bartenders and customers...Made sum decent guap for it to be a Monday night.
I'm off to Philly this Friday for the R.A.N.D.O.M. showcase. Got to get sum fly kicks and sum gold leggings because I'm the feature. Yayyy!!!
Watever God is in attendance I want to thank him because I really blew up since I've been on my open mic and slam bizness. I'm getting booked sum serious paper for a chick who can barely memorize her shit. I think my Grandpa watching over me...for real thank u Mr. Dean

Him: when you do that thing with your mouth you remind me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...
Me: WHAT???????!!!!!!!!
Him: I mean when when u stuff breakfast food in your mouth. Why? Whatchu thought I meant?

(give me the serenity)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

And in this episode of my My Harlem Daughter...

I was a bad girl and went to Queens this weekend. Much weed was smoked, petron drank and no resolution to this problem...i punched the shit out this nigga though. I dont liked being pinched and poked

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Flav (Short Open Letter)

I hate you. I love that you brought yourself back from the grave. U a black man getting money. By fuck up means but you got 7 kids so I can understand. But the constant mockery of love is hurting and it sets an a example for black yute to test out 20 something people "to try and find love". Black people are a endangered species if you aint notice.
On a personal note you ugly as hell. Stop wearing your hair like your satan. Your mother look like a frog. So she need to stay off tv. And stop participating in this bafoonery. please...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Jersey Girl

I like Jersey for sum reason. Maybe its all the sexy men on Market wid they dreds. Granted they are corner huggers but at least they dont cat call me to death. They just say Hi and keep it moving. He is a distant memory as I explore new horizons....

Me and Indigo

Brazil and Barbados on da wall


Dont *uck wid the skip

Funny he used to live out here too

Howard...I'm Home

I thought I wasnt even going to make it out there becaus ethe New JErsey Transit train stop running at 1 in the morning and I'm too retarded to do the path train...
but had to run up to 32nd and 6th to do it anyway


made it to Tenisha's shop before everyone and was shivering in my white in the rain with no umbrella

BurJazz Hair Salon

Then there is a major problem there is 15 heads and its only a 8 passenger whip so we had to kick sum people out the whip but whilst doing that the police that had parked on the corner doing illicit behavior decided to give us a ticket


So we took the ticket. And went on our way. I woke up crossing the Deleware Bridge and it was hot as shit so we had to get sum tea and cigarette




So we had 3 hours left but we was chillin


When we got to DC we took sum pics in front of the Malcolm X mural



but I needed a dutch and I couldnt find one


when we got to Howard I just decided to reherse



all of a sudden upon being in front of these conossieurs of hip hop I got kinda nervous


But everything went good got sum DJ tips from the local talent


met Miss B (thank God for female MCs)



made sum friends


met sum boys



and on my way home on the NJ Transit I was so proud of myself. Travelling is sum kind of inebriation even if its 3 states away