Friday, February 29, 2008


Even when all your thoughts are left
I still want to b your ur right
We like calm and storm
I'm still sleepin with demons who tell me im they only religion
you being governor of that party
But you talk with tears in your mouth
I could walk in sorrow for eternity behond your eyes
letting steel tears fall in loud silence
just when i found myself in a self made maze
praying from under "wise" men feet
after grabbing phoenix talons that only macheted my fingers and wrist
u said dont sacrifice your blood for happiness that does not exist

having allied and aligned
we have become cradle and crutch to each other
after the dead hour
We have made sum tantric inebriation
felt from eye to ankle
that could condemn us to death in sum countries

when we walked from the regret
standing on our forehead
I acknowledged
u make half girls whole again
how i make dead men dance again

Good Times. Good Night.

So last night I was surfing the idiot box and Janet Jackson was on CNN. She was beautiful, her arms did look a little chunky though. But I was looking at her face and she was void of all emotion. It was like she was soul less. It kinda made me sad. When they ran her clips of work passed she only smiled at the clips of her youth.
JJ usually on her smiley but after that bizness @ the Superbowl her grill been looking crazy. Hopefully her new album Discipline will get sum Velvet Rope love as opposed to 20 yo love. We will see.
I love JJ yo. Good Times. Different Strokes. Rhythm Nation. Poetic Justice. Velvet Rope. Scream. She kills it. I even liked her in that Tyler Perry movie. Her determination is ill. I love that. A black woman wid strength and elegance. Humble and bright.
My mom used to say I looked like Janet (when I was younger, wid the dimples of course lol) I felt honored. I think that was the day I started to try to dance...terribly.
But anyways kudos to Janet. She is that chick...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fasting until the 1116 tour

Yea so basically if I started fasting now I can't eat none of the food at my grand daddy burial dinner. So I'm starting this tuesday. All I'm taking is water and vegetation that needs no assistance for growth. It'll clear out the fatigue, my "bi polar" episodes, all this coughing I'm doing (think I might be coming down wid asthma). That along with heavy meditation wid sum lime greenish should put me right where I want to be mentally for the tour. Kicks off end of May.
1116 represents a very personal day for me (dont really feel like elaborating on it) but I consider that my "Near Life Experience" I say "near life"" because I was definatly felt alive, human and was full of the knowledge that my life has meaning. The poetry I'll be saying on the tour are basically experiences I've had that brought me to that day (near life) and my awakening period (now). Strangly enough I'm getting on my 16s crazily, Kongress wouldn't have anything less from me yo. She really want to be a duo I think. But poetry is my heart. Love poem, hood poem, big ones, shorties all dat.
I'm friggin excited yo I'm stayin 2 or 3 days in a couple of these spots so I get to sightsee too. I needed avacation. I'm gonna have a real Philly Cheese Steak sandwich in Philly, roam the streets of B-more wid a spliff in my mouth, bond wid my elders in North Cacklacky, rollerskate in Atlanta, get sum sun in Tampa, visit my dead brethren in Lousiana, hav sum TexMex in Houston, hug a palm tree in Cali visit my homegirl in Denver & see how they living in the Chi...I'm gonna be so popular this summer. Someone please take my picture...

Writer's Block is Subsiding

I've had a lot of roadblocks with my pen scratching. My grandfather died, I had chick come at my head, my boo is having sum domestical problems and its leaking off into our union, I just went back to work doing the dreaded "dub shift". U try smiling and coming up with new and intresting ways to convince patrons to buy pineapple malibus with 3 cherris on top.
I've been writing hooks and the like, my homegirl wanted me to get on a track wid her and her man Cerebral Vortex. My poetry has been free of using the words God and the like. I went from Christian to Atheist Sun Lover in less than 2 weeks (supporting factors coming in later blog). I dont know why guitars are feeling so good under my ring and middle fingers, i like to dress like a punker not scream like one. I'm open to change. Oh that 3 poem a week problem got solved once u take the red pill you could write 100 easy.
Only thing is I got to get in touch with my stylist, get sum sketches together for Low, rummage through the Yonker Salvation Army, a lot of individual tending we need to do. Trying to break away from everything labeled "safe" and "normal" (those words is from the Matrix lol). Everthing clear now.


i look down on lil girls with big words and no real direction for dem

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Grown Girl Cooties

I wrote this haiku it went like this,"Sadly, strippers hold dollar bills like band aids." At least all the ones who think money is going to help their problem.
Most of the girls at my main club in the Bronx is really ruthless and get beer muscles. They go the extra mile. Several have pimps and they are cut throat on game feild.
They say I'm stuck up because I don't speak to them. I feel like I don't have to say any more than hi and bye. I'm not gonna front my homegirl that works at the club got a pimp but she dont get in my grill like these other chicks b doing calling me a lame because I don't want the extra mile. Money aint worth my name. Money aint even backed by gold.
I can feel chicks that got to take care of families, clear debt, a tight situation but if you is young healthy and all about the dollar in this business you lose your soul quicker than you realize. I'm almost ashamed to say it, but I dont speak to the girls at my job because I dont want to be like them.

I woke up this morning

and wanted to be a dj and a fashion designer...


I'm civilized again...lets proceed wid da knowledge...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My GrandDaddy told me,"Don't claim the title 'Lady' " they are indeed the biggest tramps...

Ok apparently sum people arent fond of me defending myself. Well I'm going to keep on doing it until I think people have stopped acting snippy wid me.

1. Education dont mean shit when it is regulated by the U.S. goverment so fuck a Master's,
(I know that because I was taking 3 AP courses my last year of school (junior), got a 1350
on my SATs and I can read between the lines)
2. Media (especially entertainment media i.e. Entertainment Tonight),is the leading factor in
American stupidity so thank you for contributing to idiocy
3. Nationality has nothing to do with being sloppy and having no taste (if you think that you
are an ass)
4.I'm an English major and when using te term "proper English" it refers to King's English and
less than 1% of the U.S. speaks that bullshit so dont front for the kid. I'm not a bird.
I know a lot a proper sounding girls that snort cocaine and take it in ass....ok?
5.Using larger substitutions for small words is a childish way of being a mental braggard
6.My best friend jumped off her roof, my ex got shot dead damn near in front of me, I smacked
a couple of grown men because they wanted to be assholes, been in more corners than a 3 year
old finding a hiding place. I got status. I'm a G. According to the Webster's
Collegiate (I'm sure you have a copy) Dont fuck wid words you dont know about
7.You are not an MC you are fucking one. And if you feel like that Kongress will eat you
8.I dont like beating around the bush that shit makes me highly fucking volatile
9.Talking slick shit u wouldnt say in person is liable to have you swallowing a tooth or 2
10. I love Carlito and aint nobody got nothing on him. Because he doesnt lie. So if u that happy
bout the dude you got. Keep writing your love notes and not commentary on his life prior
you. That is very childish and it starts shit that dont need to be a addressed.

In short let your swag speak for itself if it is all that because a bitch like me will make your bottom lip speak ya dig

Mantra of the Day- They hate on you because they never knew you. If they knew your pain
they would cheer you and light chalis wid ya. Bless gal...


(I can make you sound like an asshole a couple more times I was on the debate team b4 I got expelled lol)


I just love pankcakes. Strawberry, Banana or Almond. Anywhere anytime I'm getting me sum pancakes. Its almost like it is food for the soul; dough, butter and sum honey (I dont fuck wid aunt jamima or wateva that bitch name is). Its all a good girl needs to wander Harlem @ 3 in the morning or a bad girl getting on her goon on Lenox. Ihop, Jimbos, M&G's on 125th street (I keep mad love in my heart for pancakes and all breakfast food). That's it. Aint no mo. (I'm going to make pancakes right after I finish writing this revelation. Can you feel me?

Hip Hip Hooray for Strippers

I dont watch the Oscars. They bullshit anyway but I did feel a tinge of pride when a former stripper won an Oscar for best screenplay. I think it was for Juno. I was happy in a sense because in a round about way you can see that you can never pidgeon hole someone into anything. I strip too and usually when people in the poetry industry find out they look at me different like I'm insulting their eyes and ears. They dont want to be seen wid me because I'll "tarnish" they little amatuer reputation. Like strippers dont have feelings too. Well we do. And some of us are actually stripping to pay tuition, to put food in our youth mouth and some actually genuinely like strippping and they like to make they own hours and the like. There isn't anything wrong with that and for you to judge someone because of how they make they bread (IRS, goverment officials and police excluded) it makes you a small, inconsiderate, scared individual. So Lenox Avenue speaking you can eat a cock. lol

here is the the stereotype

Stripper X= dances to pay for her mounting cocaine addiction and sucks dick in the lap dance room to pay her rent

here is the truth

Stripper Gia= buys books, Coach and a piece of mind with her tips. and her man got guap so she pretty much gets wat she wants


Monday, February 25, 2008

Lola Bunny is Married (and I was born in the year of the rabbit)

I think I have been referred to as a "dead rabbit" and if it wasn't in reference to me. Take these small wordz with an open heart. I'm hood married which means I love my hubby and dont want to have anything to do with "man whores" (so dont worry). And if your going to refer to me as a cuniculus (I'm studying entomology, Im damn near fluent in Latin) then call me "Lola Bunny" cuz my legs is sexy, i rockz dem ponytailz and i got a flat bunny nose...chicken

Mantra for the day: I will not smack bitches for being arrogant

Go to 125th street

Go to your local Afikan or Chinaman and get the bootleg copy of Zeitgeist. Or get the official put sum guap in that man pockets. Please note it is not for the weak hearted. It made me cry and I'm a fucking G.

Stay concious


Intellectual Terrorist (check out my homeboy website get skooled

Today I woke up and walked the streets of Harlem. Seen the hustlers in they Murmonts running from cops, the neighborhood dope fiend kneeling painfully to his shoes and the little ones running around gettin spoonfuls of Dipset and no knowledge of self. And the pain of my people (black, white, latino) was clear to me.
I have a problem with public education, public housing, police patrolling my hood because the white folk came, devout Muslims and Christians that fuck up the earth, the HIV/AIDS myth, Barack Obama, the 800 empty containment camps scattered throughout the country, homelessness in the richest nation in history and the recession that will make the Great Depression look like a field trip......I'll stop there.
And it was like it was written in the sky and I had to go to the sun to reach it (which is attainable). I'm going to be an intellectual terroist. Word. Spread fear with the knowledge. The only people this information will hurt is the people that have control over our collective brown and pale asses. If the people knew what the powers that be knew they would pick up weapons. And granted I dont want to people to get hurt but I can't speak for my cohorts.
I'm now reading up on ancient religions (debunking Christianity), assinations of famous freedon fighters, welfare, the FDA, Ronald Reagan, "incurable diseases" and the royal bloodlines from Sumeria that are directly linked to Babylon, Ancient Rome, European courts in Europe and 32 U.S. presidents in addition to many other things. I will be posting random stuff on my blog as I investigate more. Feel free to read and go to my peeps website listed above.(Don't worry I will still have sum drama in my blog for all you hood rats lol love you Low and Judy)
Can you imagine everyone getting free in your or your child's lifetime? It will happen. I'm a Pisces we know these things. I won't see it though. The powers that be make ppl like myself fade away. But I'll be looking down from Heaven wherever that is lol laughing at them snakefaced bastards getting they head popped (oh damn Harlem just jumped out of me)

Mantra for the day: I will be positive and not pick up an Uzi to settle my disputes with the powers that be


To whom it may concern


Considering rappers? They are users maybe like 90% of them

I was dealing with this dude last summer nothing too exclusive. He was a rapper. I thought he was crazy as hell but had a method to his madness. I am always critical as hell to dudes who are trying to fuck me. He was always telling me he was drawn to my strength. He liked the fact that he could step on any block in Harlem with me and niggas gave me respect. But we would just chill and smoke and go to listening parties together.
He would tell me he was a virgin and thought it was cute. I still wasnt gonna fuck him. I'm just suspicious like that, but those suspicions didnt stop me from letting him eat the snatch (he had really pretty pink lips). And im thinking to myself this dude ate my pussy 2 weeks after he met me. Maybe like 2 weeks later he was trying to get at my homegirl then I found out they was kissing at my best friends birthday party.
So I realized that I could only fuck with him on a professional level. Cuz I also found out that
He tried to fuck my best friend before he met me, went to school with another chick I knew then tried to make out with her in front of me at my mentors house. Out of no where he starts giving me the cold shoulder but always in my face when I'm lighting a spliff. Matter fact he always asking me to sponsor HIS HABIT and buy weed from my cousin. A couple of times he has come to my house use my computer and just dipped barely saying 2 words to me. Swears he is celibate and is not gonna fuck with nobody and pop up with a wifey.
But the topping on the cake was when he brought sum horse face bitch into my mentor house introduced her to me and started kissing her in my face. He a fuckin dog. And i wouldnt have written this but I feel like bitches is trying to smite me. DONT B A KEYBOARD GANGSTER!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Roy Dean

My grandfather died this morning. Much weed was poems were written

Saturday, February 23, 2008

No More Oxtails...indefinatly

Starting Tuesday, I'm becoming a full on vegan, yogi master. Dead ass lol. I been feeling mad sluggish and lazy. Which I can only attribute to long nights out with the girls, long days with my dutch, Mama's Fried Chicken, Cuban sandwiches and pints of Hennesey. Believe it or not that shit take a toll on your body so Ima do the fruit, nuts and berries thing. I'm soooo tight I can't eat oxtails no more and lord knows I love my Blood Orange mimosas in the morning. But I love my cute face to much to be eating like 50 year old sailor. If I fast off the meat for at least a year I'll have more stamina. Then I can return to eating meat like twice or 3 times a week.
I need sum peace in my life and I got a terrace now so when it get warm I can do my Downward Facing Dog in the direction of the sun. And being a more limber will mos def improve my wifey skills right. Chuch right? I love being me.... 

On being a poet Pt. 2


1)You have to look like a poet (dreads, sandals, Chucks, Che Guevera (or watever revolutionary is the fad this year) and the infamous Kufi. 2)Everyone is in poetry cliques (I wont elaborate)
3)Poets must smoke weed, drink peanut juice and eat chickpeas (this one I actually am)
4)Its taboo to read off paper (u can suck a dick if u think like that)
5)if you like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne your not progressive and write "hood poetry"
6)people win slams for spitting the most stupid shit
7)the best poets are from Brooklyn (this tickles me)
8)you should never date a poet if you are too
9)poets air out niggas too (again I wont elaborate)
10)when you are the new kid in town plenty people scared (for certain)

Pace (make me want to go to college again lol)

So my home girl Aja blew all dem fake poets out the water on Friday night @ Pace University. She performed the "The Young" which is personally my favorite piece from her (besides Ree, Ree, Ree) and sum hotness called "Awe Full" (love poem that has a crazy play on words). Also blessing the mic was Black Ice (Def Jam Poet) and my other home girl Frenchie Davis. It felt right and suitable to be listening to poetry just before Trey Songz got on stage. There were also sum hot comedians some white dude from Def Comedy Jam (his name escapes me) and this lovely chick with an afro named Dawn B. And whoever that Asian dude was who was lighting up that violin was fire too. It was the best show I been to in a while and it was more than a pleasure to grab his (Songz) franks in beans when he got on stage. There is nothing wrong with molesting singers....and yes it is big ladiez lol

Thursday, February 21, 2008

On Being a Poet Pt.1

I love that I'm writing again. 1) Because I actually love to write 2) I feel at home and comfortable with fellow writers, poets, mcs, etc. 3) It gives me a platform to stand on besides the neighborhood strip club and the corner hustling weed (and I appreciate that).
But you know my gripes is coming right?
I cant stand that I actually have to read to keep my brain fresh and on point. I used to like reading but I dont anymore--blame the internet and the information that it so readily accessible for me without me having to go to Barnes and Nobles.
Then there is the writing. Naturally if I have 3 shows a week. I want to have 3 different poems. And how much different shit can I write in a week. For them prolific poets its cool but Imma keep it funky and let you know I aint one of them.
Memorization--I dont need to say much because if your reading this is your probably my friend and you know I smoke soo much weed I am in no position to be memorizing any 3 minute poems. lol.
Going on tour (1116 tour to be exact) is hard. This is my first tour and its virgin at that. When I say virginal I mean I'm paying for my 50% of my expenses and I'm gettin sponsored for the rest on sum real hood thrown together type shit but its all goody. I just dont want to leave and get exhausted I know a lot of poets--my best friend in fact, that plays the poetry field so much and so hard, she seldom enjoys it and only talks about money and lack thereof, I dont want to be a slave to my words, ya dig?

The Writing on the Bus Stop

If you live in Harlem. You already know that every block from 110th street to 165th b/w 1st and Broadway got those blue signs with Magic Johnson. They inform the public the 81% of HIV/AIDS new diagnoses are Black and Latino folk. That's whack. But if you look at the sign in the left hand corner it says **as of 2005** so basically the World Health Organization and the State of New York had this knowledge for 2 years and unless Magic put up his own guap it wouldn't be advertised to us. And any sane logical mutherfucka know that its an issue of public health but they dont care about your collective Black or Brown ass.
People. Wake up. Protect yourselves. Get tested. Know that 1 in 3 Black or Latino youth (14-24) is walking with it. Know that HIV/AIDS is a man made virus (Robert Gallo) engineered in Russian and Ungandan labratories, made for the dangerous drug AZT (that was banned during the Nixon Administration). Know it was sponsored with American dollars. Know that the man who engineered it gets a 30 million dollar kick back every year your brothers, sisters, friends and parents die. Know that there is a patented cure for the HIV/AIDS that the goverment will not give you.
Get angry. Get loud. Ask questions. Let's build a labratory and a real "skool". Lets stop dying because our brains are lazy yo. Be an intellectual "terrorist" and stop screaming it on your mixtape. A change got to come. Please.

go to and type in 5676977 in the quick search box and kiss my blog in the morning. get well and stay concious brothers and sisters.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So 28 minutes later....

When I went to sleep last night I had the craziest dream. Bust how I was in Queens, then Harlem then the Bronx running from those "infected" muthafuckas from 28 days/weeks later. And I'm judo chopping, drop kicking and spine breakin these suckas. I eventually got away on sum Bruce Lee shit and I runs into the train station. So I'm on the #2 train and these muthafuckas is in the same car as me. How when I'm running off the train I drops my poetry book and the train conductor closes the door in my face. I'd be damn if i wasnt beating on the side of that car to get back in. Thats a fucked up dream to have if you a writer.
Maybe it means if I live ill I wont be able to write anymore. When I was on my block star bizness I wasn't writing no poetry. I was writing bullshit. No soul. Bling bling poetry shit. lol. Or maybe it was a sign that my wordz is spreading like the flu. lol. only time will tell.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm a pothead NOT a dusthead

When I came up with the term Chasing the White Dragon, I didn't know that 1) it was a previously used term and 2) that it means to inhale opium vapors from an open flame. So you imagine my surprise and chagrin when one of my bitches asked me if I was a dope fiend. I can understand her concern (I dont need to be imbibing anymore "illegal" substances as it is) and she thinks that all artists (poets, painters, writers, rappers, etc.) are junkies at the end of the day. I explained to her my intentions and she was good money. But due to this misunderstanding I'm going to break it down the way I see it so that no one else has any more notions about my drug abuse or lack therof.
Basically Chasing=seeking, White=pure, Dragon=free inhibited natural spirit. I am seeking the pure free spirit that resides in me once I clear out all the negativity of my concious mind. I get closer to this goal as I meditate, using my innate instinct, gain greater body wisdom and retreat into natural habitats. 2k8 and forever is always going to be about self spirituality, treating all people better even if I hate them, abandaning all things and people that bring me pain, and keeping positivity in my hind- and foresight.
Betcha never thought a pothead was so deep...kick rocks suckas