Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cures for Agoraphobia

1) Get lost in the LES (Lower. East Side) of Manahattan

2) Buy journals that look like old school math textbooks from Barnes and Nobles in Union Sqaure

3) Have a Vietnam vet buy you Jack Daniels @ The Mars Bar

4) Give an oblivious shopper a table dance in the record store on 8th between 1st and A

5) Write poetry in a dive bar and leave it on a bar stool

6) Wander around wid Rasta DJ and talk about mutual friends

7) 2nd ave French Fries wid peanut satay sauce (ketchup is over)

8) Chicken and peanut sauce over jasmine rice on Baxter street

9) Visit ninjas and burn down trees in the studio

10) Give a bum a life lesson

11) Buy a vinyl wid NOTORIOUS B.I.G. on the cover

It was a beautiful day...even though it rained...and Im glad Im not afraid to go outside was fucking up my wave...sheesh