Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Love yeah right

Okay so I have 2 dudes that I deal with mainly

Flow 1: 36, Queens, Known him for a year, sugar daddy, in the street type of nigga, quiet, 1 child, got me pregnant, no type of emotion (he reminds me of Dexter), never had an argument

Flow 2: 19, Harlem, officially met in August, but he had been seeing me in the hood for years, spoiled brat turned bad, swagtastic, man whore, vane, Jamaican, stroke game is crazy, we b Ike and Tina

Flow 1's problem is that he don't know if he want to fuck with me on the long term or short term. Flow 2 feels a certain type of way because I'm a little older than him, and he cant get away with the shit that he does to young chicks as opposed to me. Flow 1 dissapears weeks on end. Flow 2 pops up with miscellaneous bitches to spite me when I piss him off (we both live in the same building)
You know what? It don't even matter. I'm cutting both of them off. Flow 2 I been avoiding because I know how he move. So I can duck him forever unless he come to my door...Flow 1 kinda adheres himself to me. Calls me from different numbers trying to catch me up. Think I might just change my number...

Here goes the Why's

Why I always get these rough around the edges, chase their own death type niggas...why?...why cant I just get a rough neck that want to come home at night....Actually Sin was that...but anyway he fucked himself

Apparently he told my so called best friend the real reason why he "dealt" with me and it was a purely sexual thing....but thats a lie. He felt a certain type of way because she pressed him and he told her some dumb shit....

Why did this chick make an ultimatum regarding my relationship without telling me?
Why ask the nigga, "Is you trying to fuck with Kiya or not because....."?
Why is that her business?

I dead ass felt like she took away my choice.
Then I blacked on him later that day...for something unrelated but the way I came across I think he knew why.

Why tell that girl that?

My head hurts and I'm horny....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

From Malcolm X Blvd to Home of Malcolm X

Poetry really does take you new and interesting places. Well new places. So for instance me being from Harlem I don't know nothing about Omaha Nebraska. Oh I'm lying it's the place Malcolm X was born and it was one of the main settings in the movie Belly. Lol. Besides that all I know of Nebraska is fields and shit. This poetry head hit me and asked if I wanted to do a poetry festival. I was excited. I like to keep my mind open. I like the country anyway. It's quiet. Peaceful. All things I need right now. Besides I like wandering in other peoples hoods. Makes me feel invincible. Too bad the festival is Summer 2k9. Fuck it something to look forward to

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Peaches and Cream from Georgia to Paris

I'm going to the land of Riley (great grandmother's maiden name); Georgia. I'm staying with a friend in Atlanta. Really hope I get to go to Savannah. You already know I'm hitting all the poetry venues. 7 days and nights of shopping, eating, poetry and debauchery. A vacation coming at such a perfect time. New York iz driving me crazy!!! Its too much of everything I used to do before its boring. I love Harlem til the day I die though. The bodegas, 99 cent stores, EG, Dun's House, The Polo Grounds but I'm demanding a change of scenery.

I'm going to Paris in January but I need some travel aids before I go...
1) New laptop
2) USB cord for my camara
3) Massively obscene sneakers and jackets
4) "How to Speak French for Dummies"
5) Ipod
6) BlackBerry

I just want to update on old gadgets

I don't know what to expect in Paris...

Friday, November 21, 2008

This is cliche but.....

I'm so special
I'm so special
I'm so special
so special
so special
so special

had to get the yard out...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

And in less than 12 hours of my first show

Listened to light of the life of crime like 60 billion times (totally enamored with the live band production)

Ate 3 bowls of Capt. Crunch and lit my ass on fire

Watching But I'm a Cheerleader

Want attention from.....I guess we getting along better (After the Ike and Tina rendition in the Lobby, the foyer and the damn incinerator room. Hey its not domestic abuse if he has a slick Harlem nigga mouth) sorry

Lil nig

Finished my outfit I look original to say the least


You like?


Got to smoke an L

Finish memorizing the verse lol (aint nothing change)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Less than 24 hours before my 1st show as an MC

Um....just finished the verse

It was fire in my opinion

finished the tutu

added bellz and whistles

many pictures tommorow

life is sweet


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Beginnings of the the Female MC

Okay I decided I needed to stop the bullshit and just get on my MC. Because I honestly I dont have the soft lyrical sing song voice that is sought in the poetry indiustry. I'm hood. I'm not quite lady like but I can appear to be so. I'm far from dumb I just dont like being a know it all...because you cant so you always frustrating yourselves and others. I am very concious and very militant. But I'm not a militant black person. I'm just militant and I feel game is soft.
There are no female MCs. So the game is soft, bias and in most cases hateful toward women. (And before my male readers even start; I know the differeance between ladies and bitches...and I don't shun songs that sing about genuine bitches but there are virtually no songs calling women queens, goddess, mother nothing. I dead ass can't remember a mainstream MC doing a song about his mother in the past 3 Where is the lyricism about women as something other than...
Why when Hip Hop Freshman came out this year there were no females on the line up? Not one. Yeah there is Remy but...she on lock. Lauryn done lost her mine...there is something lacking...

Here is what I have notice in my 2 weeks of being a female MC

1) When dudes find out that your rapping they interview you more than a fucking broadcaster

2) Or they don't believe you

3) Or they think you rhyming about dicks and shit

4) When I practice freestyling in the street ppl look at me like I got bugs in my ear

5) My mother thinks that this is phase (I'm sure many people do actually)

but those are just the cons

1) Since I been on my shit I'm bumping into mad men behind the curtain industry type heads (i.e.) a jamaican basment party on the hill I just happen to be walking by

2) Many who are already doing there thing want to take me under there wing

3) For every person who tell me I'm wack 4.3 tell me I'm hot (yeah I'm keeping count)

4) I'm cautious who I let know I'm spittin

5) Realized how much I love music and how fine my ear is picking out notes and other type things

6) The sky is the limit

7) I don't fight the music, the music fight for me

8) I was born to do this and if you tell me I'm lying I think you stupid

9) I don't know know what High Kun means but that's my booth name

10) I'm a backpack goon rapper ya dig?

**High Kun**

I thought this was funny but then again most of our conversations were...

"I rap now"
"No you don't"
"Yeah I do"
"So spit sumthing"
"I'm still in the developmental stages. I ain't have the practice you had."
"I ain't practice, I just speak"
"See? Nothing changed"

Randomly Walking

I bumped into Sciryl and Charles Hamilton last night. IT was kinda awkward because I been engaged in booth genocide, then got caught in the rain and was having a bad hair day. But there was love there. It's good to see my ppls doing their thing. Sciryl just came out with his album S.C.O.O.P. (Slight Change of Plans) and Charles was on the the cover of XXL this month.
It was inspiring. Nah thats corny. It gave me a jolt to see my niggas accomplish and pull off something better than great because it came from them organically no ready made shit. Sciryl been on his grind since 14 @ Urban Word has been on DEf Poetry Jam and anyone who is an early Charles listener remembers him roaming the streets of Harlem letting everyone hear his latest hot shit (lol memories of summer 07)
This newness in the game is so good. Owww!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Meet $trictly Bui$ine$$

His last LP Poisonous Politiks was the truth
It was gritty medley of revolutionary, gutter and trip hop bars
the production was excelsior the album flowed like, well, an album
I was impressed and I told him
And he was impressed with my voice
So I'm hopping on his set @ Sullivan Hall on the 20th of November
I dont know if Ima be a poet or MC
we gonna figure it out

How Many Sequals to "Saw" will they make?

Cuz me and my Komrades cant watch them and honestly
I think the people that make these movies are sick
There are mathematical equations in all this
People are making a science out of torture and pain
and thats not sovereign