Monday, March 16, 2009

Kid Quitter oops...I mean Kid Cudi

Umm yeah...kinda split on this Kid Cudi retirement buisiness... I liked Day n Nite, shit is simple and true. The production is tight. Cant say dude is the wackest thing Ive heard compared to Soulja Boy and Fat Boy CO Rick Ross to name a couple. And one must remember how heads thought that Kanye was trizzy for the longest now he is a worldwide superstar. Now on the other hand I never listened to his mixtape but if you gonna let next people tell you how u livin or how you should be living you a bitch nigga...Homey got far. And to get that far you gonna hear people tell you your wack, lame and all the other who shot john but if u in the midst of stardom not realizing ur worth thats a hell of a deficit. I mean dude was on the cover of the XXL right? For all that he could have gave it up last summer...and let his spot go to someone a little more deserving but thats just me...smh at these lames


  1. True.

    I haven't heard the mixtape neither and after I found out that he wants to retire after the 1st album, it's like what's the point of listening to your music if you about to dip out the game as soon as you get your feet wet? That's a tease if anything. Niggas need to quit getting emotional over everyone's opinions.

  2. Damn you cold on folk from the outside. We are entering the age of folk rap music so the ish will be wack until someone actually has something to say again.