Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dave on A

So I'm walking from Spit 16 (Source Magazine poetry/hip hop thing) I'm walking up avenue A observing all the freakilisciousness stop and get a blackberry and banana shake and this white boy (man, I should say) on this weird ass looking bike. Vintage wheels. Anyway. He talking sum old,"I want you to model for sum paintings" And usually I'm very weary of white men equipped with cameras and the like (Me and Aja had a bad experience last summer) that I meet on the humble. But he didnt seen odd, just his bike. I gave him my info looked him up and he is pretty cool. He was that crazy ass that jumped off the 6 story building on a sheet of steel, wrapped in tinsel and Xmasery shit. He is a amazing. I love dare devils and escaped artists.

David is the wrestler to the left by the way. Check out his website.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Early Morning

Yeah...guess who I got a phone call from this morning?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The universe played a wicked trick on me last night. I'm not a downtown club person but listen. In a downtown club, on the humble, on a thursday night when I'm usually working...stands a motherfucker that looks just like Carlito. I mean this dude had his round ass head, with the wings on his back, short and stocky. I thought he was this dude so much I started looking at his teeth..crowded at the bottom, chipped and gapped at the top just like Carlito. But upon further inspection he had a scar on his face and he looked way younger like my age. But he he could have been dude twin. So I was just standing their starin at this asshole who had the nerve to look like my ex. I was staring at him so hard he actually turned right into my glance.

Then this dude had the audacity to follow me around and kept asking me to dance. I finally said,"Pa, I have been avoiding you all night because you look like sumone I used to deal with. Your face is literally hurting me." "Wow. Thats rough." he smiled and walked away...he kept looking at me the whole time. When he left he came up to me, gave me a hug and said see you around.

I could have cried. More so for the reason because me and carlito never officially broke up. I just stopped answering my phone for like 3 weeks. Then I blocked his number. After I put away the grudge I decided to call him for father's day (he has a daughter) and his phone was off. So I dont know how to feel. Definatlely not heart broken I dont do those. Its just a small voidness in my idle hours that manifest when Im reminded him...

I cant even drink Mo no more this is a sad state of affairs...

Cathedral and St. Mark's Comrades

I dont know why but I've been running into mad bitches that I used to go to school with. Funny thing is we werent really cool (I didnt do girlfriends in school, too chatty and stupid) but now its like we chill. I dont know if its them or me. Alot of my old classmates tell me I'm completly different...hello...10 years later? But anyways its cool to make friends with the chicks I was mortal enemies with in grade school...its like copacetic. One chick goes out with my cousin (yeah more on that later) and the the other 2 is party heads who have asked me to accompany in there escapades. i could neve refuse cool party heads and ill bashments

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Constellation of a Block Star in a Dufflebag Near You

Yeah its been a long hard process. Much blood sweat and tears. Much leafing through my notebooks I been keeping for the last 3 years. But finally after my 10 years in the poetry game I'm self publishing my first compilation of poems and prose. Owww. I'm muy happy with myself I never thought that last year around this same time I would be publishing a book of any scale.
I had much time to reflect on these things. After coming out unscathed in the streets of Harlem and Brooklyn, 3 asshole boyfriends and occasionally run ins with the NYPD (figurative and literatively) and the death of my childhood friend Channel I was still able to produce work of substance. Even though I had vowed to myself at one point that I would never write again because I was finding out how ugly the world is and I didnt think writing about it would do much (how stupid was I?).
She never left me I just thought she had. Who can appreciate beauty without sunlight?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Don't Sleep on Nas

First off I dont have a problem with the word nigger. Never did. Even before I found out that
1. In Brazil calling a woman a nigga is compliment
2. In Kemmet an ancient language "nighar" translates to "to God"
3. In Senegal "nigger" has always meant friend
4. The Buddha studied from a group of dark skinned asians called "niggers"
5. "Nigger" "Nigga" "Nighar" translates into several languages througout Afrika and Asia as "all knowing"

So it gets me tight when people make ruckuses about words that they do not even study...duh

Thursday, July 10, 2008

On Sleeping

Wise men say those who sleep on their backs are closer to their 7th circuit of conciousness...and to think of all my boyfriends who slept on their stomachs...And even the one who loved me the most who didnt...

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Yo....dead so there

My lil sister, sidekick and ride or die just got peppered sprayed by the the boys

Friday, July 04, 2008

Good Way to Start off the Day

found sum good loving in Hollywood last night lol

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Trying to be like Ghandi but these pussies wanna push me...

i dont want to go into details but sum lame ass suge knight looking nigga owed me sum money. He giving me a whole bunch of who shot john. Then started laughing at me. Like my dude if u think im living foolish cool but dont laugh at me when u taking money out me and mines pocket? What part of the game is that and I'm female...but basically I "blacked" as Charles Hamilton calls it but instead of doing it in the booth i did it with the booth. thats right ladies and gentlemen I beat that bitch nigga with a microphone stand and broke the gate to the mic and the stand. My dude Cash the nigga thats been recording me accapella, im sorry (it was his shit i broke on this nigga head). But niggas really need to watch their company. In fact niggas just need to treat niggas like they would want to be treated themselves. Then we wont have split lips and knots on our big abnormally shaped yogi bear looking headz...