Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where there is smoke...

It started out as an average eve in the hood. I was outside in front of the building looking for sum bud that isnt generic and weak and Im talking to my peoples Xavier and Anthony. Xavier I known since kindergarten literally. And Anthony just a god body sweetheart type nigga. Anyways Im gettn ready to roll up but I wanted to talk to Anthony in private so I asked X if I could borrow him. He said yes. So me and Ant in the brib gettn ready to smoke the best Sour ever..4real and I hear the smoke alarm go off all crazy. Now Im not a big fan of my neighbors and I knew that it wasnt mine since it is broke so we stayed in the brib until it got so annoying we went to Insoector Gadget the hallway. Low and behold the plastic exit sign is on fire, not no big thing. But big enuf for niggas not to touch.
Then the cops come.
We aint snitchin.
Fire department come.
We aint snitchin.
32nd precint detective.
Knock. Knock. Knock.
On the door.
We told the officer that X was with us. So he might have seen who done it.
15 minutes later.
After we spark up.
Knock. Knock. Knock.
On the door.
Detective (who was cool cuz I know he was knocked over by the dour).
"There are plastic signs all over ur friends floor that are burnt. We have to take him in...he could hurt somebody..."
Then they took Xavier away.
And we laughed at his ass cuz that was sum dumb shit to sympathy

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