Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Some people wont or dont want to know the truth

Monday, April 28, 2008

So, Ms. Crawford....

My mom has been suffering from Mommy Dearest symptoms but she is better now and we are talking again.

I Mean You Didnt Think they were going to Convict those bastards...did you?

Ima sum this up because this shit is pretty simple.
Sum bitch ass po lice lit sum nigga up on sum BS. Shot so crazy there is still holes in track 3 and 4 at the Sutphin LIRR station. These cops shot and killed the dude in cold blood.
Have you seen sumone shoot a gun? Imagine that shit 50 times. They had to be shooting and equivalent of 3 minutes. Richard Brown, (Queens DA with the frog voice) gonna sit there and say that Judge Cooper was right. And Obama sucking wild cock telling black people to have faith in the "Justice" system...

People need to get angry. I dont believe in that passive shit. I believe that if you riding on me and mines im riding on you. Meaning that if a cop is abusing sumone the cop should get abused. And people dont see that. People dont need to get out there and shoot cops but they do need to make they voices heard. Because if you let the police ride on you they gonna wear you out and when you get real tight, youll be so enrage youll invite death upon your person so I'm saying this. Fuck being law abiding, quiet and complacent. Let your voice be heard. Or pay the consequences later. Because that verdict means its alright to kill us. Because the verdict was Justice. "Just Us gonna run this." Marshall Law is hear yo. Get a fucking gun.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ding Ding Muthafucka

So this was the problem. My shorty went thru the painstaking process of calling me. Asking me why I aint want to see him before I left out of New York. Then when we supposed to see each other this asshole is M.I.A. then got the unemitigated gall to tell me that he slept all day because he partied so hard the night before (his homeboy and his wife on his bday...dont ask) He was so tired apparently he stayed aleep all day and did not have the strength to hit 2 buttons.
So when we finally spoke (the day I was fittin to leave) it was the 1st argument we have ever had in the duration of our relationship. I been dealing with him since almost around this time this year. And not one fight, argument not even a nasty look.
I'm vexed. I cried alot these past 2 days. I went out and brought alot of shit that I really did not have the money for, I wanted to spend that allowance money so I wouldnt have nothign to think about this weekend.
But I was trying to lay down before I wrote this and it was hard I could swear I could hear him call my name. (I know I may be crazy, telepathic or both) but I aint picking up the phone. I refuse. Because he was wrong. If I was a bitch I would "man up" about my transgression. He cant even give me the courtesy of telling me he apologize for being an asshole. And him above anyone else know my life in detail.

I'm not gonna let him get into the habit of acting simple with me. Because I dont like smacking niggas no more and I'm a lady. In addition I know for a fact this is how he like to test chicks (I do homework on all mines). And I aint calling him. Already deleted his ass out my phone book. If he calls he got to be house broken if he dont good riddance cuz I'm busy with my art any fucking way...

Friday, April 25, 2008


I'm actually proud of myself. I encountered a major domestic dispute (non violent) ,still got to memorize my shit, buy a winning ensemble, do my hair, go to Jersey, go back to Harlem and got back to Jersey. Wow. I'm tired. The only thing is that I leave for Howard in 5 hours my bitches want to take me out and I'm still not dressed, dancehal dress anyway. DAMN!!!

Gonna have mucho pics tho when I come back.

I hate that my mother calls me a user whenever I'm genuinely tired. I been up for 20 hours can I sleep for 3? Golly gosh!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Maybe, just maybe...

I should start memorizing this poem lol I'm a Pisces to the core, hard body

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bitch Yah

I like Soulja boy for several reasons

1) He a cutey
2) He from Atlanta
3) He come up with sum catchy shit that will make bad ass little boys stay inside and learn his dance steps instead of hittin on lil girls in the park (yeah, who knew)
4) He is definately the hype man in this point and time
5) He having fun and hasnt succumb to the fuckery of the music industry (white boys cant think of anything that creative, they'' market the fuck out of it tho)

He need work on his bars tho cuz you can only be a hype man for a year 2 you lucky. Everyone aint Flavor Flav.

Didnt know I meant so much (lol)

ME: Hey pa
Him: Wats up
Me: I'm going to Howard University and if the lady thats booking me likes me Ima get at least 5 more shows
Him: So when u leave?
Me: Saturday morning at 5
Him: Thats wassup. Your hair straight? You got kicks?
Me: Yea pa I'm good
Him: Congratulations baby. I'm proud of you
Me: Thanx boo. Well, Ima run up the road and get Spaz (my sistren)
Him: Aight baby

30 minutes later

Him: How come you aint ask if you could come over before you leave
Me: U be BUSY! (sounds familiar no?)
Him: That aint no excuse, you going out of state
Me: Like you dont be going out of state without telling me
Him: I see you before I leave I just dont tell you I'm leaving (wow)
Me: Anyway I dont like asking to come see you and u tell me you busy. So when u want me to come see you let me know
Him: Thats foul. I'm strictly business 90% of the week
Me: Aight nigga so you wanna come over?
Him: Nah bitch you hurt my feelings
Me: You aint got none
Him: I got more than you know
Me: Whatever. you coming over? we can get sum Mo, Dre got that fire Sour and I got the new Black Street Hookers
Him: Dont try to lure me in wid porn
Me: Still love you
Him: Aight yo I'm coming thru tommorrow

There was way more to the conversation cuz we talked about 5 times today. He really felt some kind of way because I didnt ask to come see him. I usually dont ask anyway. I have been noticing a lot of the things is changing with this dude. He want me to stay all week when I come, he want me to stop stripping all of a sudden (it got more to do with one of his peeps coming to see me and press me, than anything else), and he usually keep his wallet open for me but if it has anything to do with my poetry he make sure I got it. He wants to give me money so I can go to the writing workshops at Sarah Lawrence but I dont want to take his money. I just want him (less asshole and more sympathetic)....and a little money lol

My first College 4 years

So my homeboy Uninvited invited me to come share the stage with him @ Howard University @ the Annual Hip Hop Caucus. I'm muy excited cuz I'm also on stage with Rainmaker, Tenisha (CEO Bleek and Indigo. Very ill poetry ya'll. I feel like all my hard work paid off. I feel like once u can get booked on your talent and not because you rolling with certain people you arrived somewhat as an artist. Like your name stands by itself.
I was definately surprised when one of the artists I was auditioning with said she was fond of my work.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

RIP Alexander Supertramp

Was the fucking man...except he liked meat too much thats why he died


So I was entertaining last night and hubby calls me. I never got the call I swear my phone never rang. Funny though how last night I was saying to myself that I should just dissappear for like a couple of weeks and not tell him where I'm going. Not even a goodbye text.....that was around the time I got the call...that I didnt hear. And I'm sure your asking yourself where I'm going with this blog...wifey telepathy. I send sum kind of warning wave to this nigga and he know he got to call me or come see. This has happened at least 5 times, I'll just be sitting around having mad animosity for this man and then he will call. Usually saying somthing to the affect of are your mad with me? I just thought about you blah blah fucking blah.
I'm glad I didnt hear the phone ring. I think our only problem is he think I'm one fo these ride or die chicks they speak of in songs (no problem with cheating, content with spending money....) I can only ride for so long...and I'd only die for my baby father and he damn sure forfeited that right

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If you have stank breath....

....please dont volunteer to roll the spliff. While the weed burn it got a sour smell to it. And it makes me want to throw up. This is why I dont like smoking in cyphers


Under your jurisdictiction we have always been runners up. 2nd best.
Not even having the audacity to shaming ourselves for clamping devil weight shakles on our own feet. Then they wrap they cords around our eyes. Bolt the red, white and blue rhetoric on the backs of our foreheads. Driving they katana of ignorance into our stomachs.
How long will we let these snakes prod into our good nature?
How long will we condone being bitches of dirt?
Whores of circumstance?
Zealot churchgoers
Uniformed fools
the assimilated
will be the first martrys of this machine
if we dont get dismantled
Cuz lynching is old school
But there will be students that mash up they philosophy
young soveriegn souls who hear the silent tryanny
We know they covert bullets will be they friendly fire
Their oppression our P.O.W.
And when they shatter from shadows to dust
Our weary drenched spirits will rise to the sun
in the Holocaust of our discontent

Yeah Yeah Yeah

You really know how shallow people are when they assume they know about your lifestyle. 2 things happened...

I was sitting in my Pop's house (Abiodum Oyewole, not really my pops but watever) and he has like like these historians and poets come there and such. there was this one dude Africanus. He reminds me of a black toad and one of my cohorts refers to him as uncle ruckus from the boondocks. But anyway I'm explaining sumthing about my mother and I mentioned I was a stripper and this asshole gona say.
"Only whores do that"
"So you have slept with strippers Africanus?"
"No it's just that if you willing to take off your clothes for money you willing to go all the way."
"How you figure?"
And it went back and forth like this for a while everyone else in the room was just looking at him like he was stupid. (Never taking into account that he knows I have a boyfriend, he know I dont even present myself like that, not to mention we live in manhattan that got the highest rate for HIV and AIDS...sometimes I think ppl think I'm stupid) lol
I been coming to Dun's house for years and everyone knows me. This old fart just started coming recently, never seen him in there for the 6 years I been coming.
But whatever my homeboy came to my defense saying his girl used to strip. One of the dudes in there used to strip. This chick from BK a had barel met go really heated and was damn near screaming on Africanu) But fuck all that...

He closed minded because I could easily say that every man that has been to jail is a faggot on the down low. That would mean that Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Ethridge Knight and even Dun was taking long stroke in dey batty. But I have better sense than that because nothing break me. And if nothing can break me into doing something greedy. I would expect the same from my brethren.

And as far as the 2nd incident....shorty should have known better long as dem know me

I miss my grandma Lynn only chick that didnt judge me and smoked profusely lhoodmao

Fuck being inviting to people
I want everyone to stay away from me.
If you feel like I'm going to contaminate you in some way stay far from me.

Papal Masqeurade

Aight so apparently the pope is in town. I cant watch the comic strips i.e. the news without this fat bastard popping up everywhere.
I dont like Benedict the 16th and the vatican for these reasons...

1) As much as the papalcy contributed to the enslavement of black and brown peoples we should get a check every month from them bitches and a public apology every year

2) Benedict the 16th has continually verbally insulted the Islam faith and the Jewish faith. I'm a non denominational kinda gal but I never downgrade others people philosophy of faith, except the one I previously belonged to lol

3) With all the merchandise that is being purchased in the name of the pope when he does these papal masses where does all the money go? Keeping his holy jewelry clean

4) People really have forgotten about all those priests that smell like lil boys booty holes.

Attack of the Swimming Cockroaches

dead and feeling great

Apparently, cockroaches can come up thru your sink if you dont run the water regularly (i.e. taking a vacation and coming back to a small army of dead 6 legged bastards) It was ugly. I had to get my pplz to sweep them up for me because um I dont do cucarachas, ya dig?

Back to the Desk and Fresh 2 Death? the jury has ruled...

Jury being the various different people that verbalize in my head

Basically we have come to the conclusion that I have to go back to school. Because I was going to just sneak in the back door and read the books in the libraries but fuck it I'm just gonna get registered. For these reasons 1)I have to get my Publisher's Certificate and I would like to be well rounded in all them aspects 2) I could get a real good film education 7 blocks from my house 3) I actually like laying on the grassy knolls with my grass rolled and flipping thru a page or 2.
I'd be lying if I said I dont like going to school I just dont like the fafsa, req. courses bullshit that come with it.
I'll be looking forward to rocking my minis, shorts and verbally abusing whatever history teachers I happen to have.



That Boondocks episode was the truff. I cant help but notice how Gangstalicious kinda favors "Fiddy"

My Laptop got Herpes

Dead ass. I cant hear no sound on my friggin computer yo. That is soooooo wack. I really had the desire to run that Sheek Louch song.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I Had a Ruff Week

1) Got fired from my job for being literate in constitutional law
2) Disowned my mother
3) Left my set
4) Havent seen my grandmother for a month
5) Havent seen my best friend in 3 weeks
6) Hating and Loving a fool ass nigga at the same time
7) My passport still hasnt come

WAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!!

I did meet Pinky tho


Sunday, April 13, 2008

NYPD fucks up another person tying to get by

I went into work early because my mother was bitching with me. Came in had a drink the cops walk in. They ask for my i.d. I give to them. The bitch walks off with my shit after she see I'm 21. So after she looked at it for like the 10th time. I asked her for my i.d. back.
Then from behind me the Lt. ask me," What's your problem?"
"Nothing, I want my i.d. back so I can go smoke a cigarette"
"You want to leave?"
"No I just want my i.d. back."
This nigga (he was a black nazi) was dead ass trying to make me spaz on him but I never raised my voice. I was a good nigga. They didnt even give me my id back they put it on the dresser counter. Walked out without even telling me where it was. Then the Lt. told the owner Dame something and then I got fired. Over some straight bullshit. I couldnt believe it.
I didnt get loud.
I didnt curse.
I wasnt aggressive.
I was stating the facts.
The police officer was in the wrong for telling Dame that. Him being a civil servant cannot influence a owner of any establishment to hire or fire employees.
But instead of a brother being on some go home type shit he dead ass sent me Stacy (again) to Hot Rod, to Joe. I'm damn begging them to keep my job job. (Only because I was in the right, if I was wrong I would have packed my bags no problem) they aint show me no mercy but its all good.
I'm suing the NYPD and the Player's Club. I got mad dirt. Watch me get my Honduras money.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Betsy aint get to the Dancehall

I knew my day was gonna be pissy because the sky tricked me into thinking it would rain so I took off from my job. So I only had about half a stack to work with on Friday night. I really aint want to go no where but Lauren called me and told me she wanted to go out to the club.
So I had to slip on Betsy (white brushed silk dress with a geisha print and a balloon bottom. picture it. I was saving it for Carlito but fuck him.


had to get sum vittles

career alchy

suck sum cancer

cigerette whores

get prettier

girly shit


we leave and it start raining

i dont like getting baptised before clubbin

im getting restless

le Harlem

but watever we tuck our tailz. go back inside. got hungry decide to go to mickey d's.


ran into sum riff raff hood niggas. talkin bout they long dicks and making our consumption of animal flesh quite difficult. Tersit veerbally abused them. I brandished and waved my Moet bottle like a drunk Hessian. Lauren smeared a fry on homeboy face. It was a fruitful night for all.

I hopped in a cab went home and looked at my sexy body in da mirror

True Talk

brooklyn love

I love them it just hurts that they use me. They all started calling me when they got wind about the Porsce Jeep and the Infinity. I wish they would just live up to they potential and just rise up yo. They strong its just that they want to be tied down.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ecstatic Camper

If ya'll aint notice my camera aint broke and I got my pictures back from my old laptop yaaaaay

Thursday, April 10, 2008

@ Class? Definately got no class

So I met this chick named Tweetie through one of my ex boyfriends I think she used to fuck with him but I was never certain.


I used to live in BK so I would go see my peoples and usually link up with Tweetie. We would chill on 94th and Church, Sutter Blvd, 140th in Harlem and in Flatbush. Every where we go we would tell people we was cousins.

me and tweet

Then she introduced me to Queenie


Then we became B.G.N. (Billionaire G Nation-girl clique)

in front of grandma's house

So its me Tweet and Queenie. And wouldnt you know it, sum funny shit started to go down. 1st I was dealing wid this rapper out of Dipset and when Tweetie found out she actually tried to hit him on myspace so she could give him the puddy. And I forgave her for that because shorty didnt stray from Gia. Then we all wanted to strip together. I was the only one that had the fortitude to go on. So I stopped chillin with them because they didnt want to get no money and was always asking me to spend mine. So then I came back to BK on my dipped out fresh Harlem girl shit and they started hatin.
Tweetie telling people that Carlito is an old nigga and he my sugar daddy so I had to put her in her place.stop chillin with Tweetie. Me and Queenie still cool I'm going to her house to chill. Then I get pregnant and 1 day I went over there to pick up a flat iron I had left over there and Queenie dead ass came out of her face and said she aint have it. I knew she was lying but because I was tired and my shorty was M.I.A. I returned to Harlem a whipped puppy. It wasnt nada. Cuz the next day I brought a new flat iron. It was just the point of her taking my shit, and she is qoute my friend and my 5 at that.
So no one hear from Gia until recently around my birthday. They hear how good I'm doing. Know my shorty letting me whip his jeep. (Or at least learn in it, I still dont know how to park) And what do you know bitches is calling me left and right.
"Gia, where you at?"
"Gia, can I get a ride?"
"Why you aint hit me up Gia?"

I aint got no love for these hoes.

They ot hoes in a sense they sleep around they are just whores because they want to use you at your own expense...I rolls doley fuck bitches

Good Lovin (Cant Keep Still)

So I'm still high drunk and sick from yesterday

double vision

then the phone rings


C: Wats good? you aint talking to me?
G: Thought you wasnt talking to me
C: Hop in a cab yo I miss you
G: Miss me, thats it?
C: I dont like saying that word ma you know that (ref. love)
G: Saying it to too many bitches. Wearin yo tongue out...
C: Sound like yo mama....yo come over hear stop acting up

got my muscle up

So I'm trying to be strong

G: Gotta go to work
C: You want me to reimbrse you for your time Relle (I know he gettin mad when he start calling me my gov.t)
G: Don't want your money

hush money

C: Watever ur problem is can we talk about it over here I aint seen you in a week
G: Who fault that?
C: I be BUSY!!
G: Aight I'm hopping in a cab (so much for the power of saying "no")

But I had to get flyy first so I got sum DCs

freshness in the baby park

walk the dog

teddy bear

then I hopped into a cab

rascists bastards

$31.50 later I'm in Queens

first we start arguing real slow and sarcastic like like we always do (no need to yell). Then I rolled a spliff to calm down. He start kissing on me. I ease off go into the kitchen pour sum Henny...needless to say we made up. He pissed me off tho, he admitted he cheated but he stopped after he got me pregnant like Setember-ish, that was around the time we started boning anyway. He pressed me if I had cheated on him and I told him the truth. But he knew who I was talking wid last summer cuz I told him, and there wasnt much sex, I was gettin sum good neck tho. And neither one of us thought it would last so last summer dont count, anyway.

G: What about them high maintenance bitches? (ref. Gucci and Channel clad bitches round the corner)
C: Yea what about them (disgusted like)
G: You aint never fuck them
C: No. They aint all that see them bitches on a Sunday morning when they trying to get they wig done. At least when you take your shit out u still look like a female...

After we had several interlocked conversation. We know where we at as far as fucking around on the side, who was fucked while we were together and neither one of us trying to do that (anymore, at least thats wat we said). I know when people be trying to mislead me. I know I'm the only chick that knows a reasonable amount of his info. I could go into what the title imples but I dont feel like explaining and I'm not posting any pics.

I love my baby.
Love is fucking war, I got the t shirt...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Care for a Swim?

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is mad subliminal. I'm feeling it in small doses.
Mad references to the illuminati lol

Family Guy is the truth
I feel Meg's pain

Why dont they start running Daria on Adultswim she was the shit...

I miss the official Boondocks when they was actually dropping knowledge. I love "nigga this" and nigga that" but every fucking episode? EVERY 1? Why is Aaron McGruder shaming himself like this?


A scagamag is

1) noun. (female) sleeping with everyone for an agenda. hating ass lame bitch who
cant say nada to your face, but tro whisper at ya back.
2) noun. (male) low ballin, low riding, poo putt, no discretion having, lie on his
dick living, smoking up all the weed, no money having, bitch nigga
3) (noun) A goverment official (police, FBI, CIA, DEA, IRS, FDA, WHO)
4) adverb. (scagmagery, scagmery,) liar. user. whoring with no goal. whoring for

Also See- Bush, Superhead, 32nd precinct

Just doing my part to improve american english

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Gotta move...again

Because having a doorman doesnt work in your favor. They are as nosy as the old ladies that queue alongside the building participating in the Newpipe Olympics. Crackheads own condos too. Having a terrace make me think of the movie "Vertigo". I'm too close to everything thats old and shabby to me. I dont gentrify I just want to get off of Lenox ave.


Does celibacy exclude masturbation?

celibacy is hard with my friends

Hock Spit Sneeze Weeze


I have had the most nastiest cold in my life for the past 2 dayz. It is accompanied by a ravishing runny nose and sultry sore throat. I really hope im not coming down with the flu. that would be soo wack. It was that nasty ass bartender. Spreading her viral plague on the whole fucking bar. How much u wanna bet that when I go into work every dancer gonna be sneezing...I always get sick before the sun break lose. Fuuuckkk!! Fuckety! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Good thing I have a peanut butter pie left....

peanut butter chocolate muffin

Monday, April 07, 2008

Assholes aren't so bad

because when they make me angry I go to the Kitchenette on 124th and Amsterdam and get a peanut butter chocolate pie. Them tings is hella good. It's a reward for being pissed off. No?

When will Mz. Gigi be free of assholes, will she succeed in her campaign of celibacy, will she kill her mother for having a mean and hateful'll have the answers to all these questions and more in a future posting of Harlem Girl's


Ideal Work Schedule So I can work schedule lol

Work doubles 3 days and part time 4

because I've notice I havent been to any open mics, slams or performances in the past month. My abuelo being a part of it. I've been in my cucoon long nuff time for me to spead out, ya dig?
But im focused now I should be in the Nuyo or the Bowery by next week. Gots muy new materials. Got a new swag about me. And Abiodun really wants me to start coming out of my shell. Willie too.
I started out but stopped cuz I was rolling with Aja and its best if you start by yourself, doley get out the limelight of others. Because heds in the poetry circle was just calling me Gia Shakur and then they started linking me with Aja too much (i.e. "Aja's friend" or "that girl Aja wrote about"). Aja my ride or die bitch as ya'll already know but I want people to say my name seperate to my homey, smell me?

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Those fucking cards

As much as I cant stand my mother me and her do operate on the same wave lengths. I'm sitting in the dressing room trying impossibly to make myself more gorgeous than I am (that was Fairytalez talking) and then I call C. He doesnt pick up and that dont bother me. What bothers me is a flashback I had (I was dancin for him in the kitchen and fell on the floor (Rose) and saw a hair on the floor. And my shorty meticulous, calculating damn near gay. He keeps his hair in a fade, mine was in the wig and the hair I found was soft and curly. I thought it coud be his daughter's but she only there on the weekends and holidays it was Monday. Hmmmm? Intresting. Then all of a sudden he starts talking real fast about shit he gonna buy and things he gonna do and throw me sum bills, hush money?)
After I did my hair, I called my mother and asked her if he was cheating she said call me back in 10 mintues but she called me back in 5 and said,"No he isnt but alot of bitches is trying to get at him."
Thats the fucked up part having a nigga in the hoodlight. I mean he been in it. His name ring bells on his side. And now the level he on he exposed to the hood model bitches. And I aint one of them. I get cutesy and shit but I'm a tomboy to the core. You never gonna see me in 400 shoes and a 2k dress. Unless sumone sponsor it. I spend wid sense. I'm not gonna be the chick in the hair salon 3 times a week and needs to be the hood ornament (hustler trophy wife).
We talk deep. He understand me. His pipe game is bananas. And his banana pancakes is bangin but...gotta let go. The way we met was fucked up. I met him thru a chick I knew from Queens, she danced too. Then one day one of her customers wanted her to do a private dance. She wanted me to come to watch her back and she told me his peoples was there too. I was just there to smoke and look pretty but this bitch set me up. The whole story was a plot to get me over there.
So I'm sitting downstairs with this nigga and he talking some ole how much it cost? I give him the "I'm too cute, smart and hood to sell my pussy" speech and he falls back and says sorry if he offended me and then we just started talking and he made me some tea because my stomach hurt then we smoked and we actually liked each other's company. 2 hours later we go upstairs and this bitch and her custie sitting on the couch. She give me that look and when we get in the cab I told her what happend and she said,"Ya'll aint fuck?" "Nah, we was just talking then I danced for him" "So why he give you that stack?" "Guess he liked my conversational skillz" she looked vexed. We both went over there like 10 times all them times me and him aint bone he was just giving me money to come and go. Then one day he told me not to bring Akilah and I went over there and he start talking that friends with benefits shit and by this time I'm feeling his swag so much I really didnt mind how I met him. So we started as friends with benefits. Then we was boyfriend and girlfriend. Then I got pregnant and I was wifey.
When I think about it rappers and hustlers r soo much alike. Bars excluded.
He called me like 5x this morning.
But Ima let a nigga go before he let me go. Because he is THAT nigga u be reading about in the hood novels and they always fuck a chick on the side. That expains them private phone calls with Clucks on the other end. He certainly got enough guap to keep a harem. The car he bought me sitting in a lot on 215 and Jamaica, pretty red infinity 07' barely used. He can keep it.
Things changed since high fool.

We B SUPER NIGGAS lol (or 14 things I aint know about Melanin)

!) melanin is a external part or your brain so the darker you are the better sensory
@) melanin makes vitamin D for you in 20 minutes if u stand in the sun
#) melanin is directly related to the stars and sun
$) florescant lights makes children in school hyper active
%) there is a monthly newsletter put out every month on melanin
^) nicotine deactivates the melanin molecules (thats why you get that ashy look if
you a chain smoker)
&) fat sticks to the melanin molecule longer and is used slower in darker folks
*) if u take cod liver oil everyday and you black your veins start to crystalize
() HIV and AIDS does not (and I repeat does not) stick to the melanin molecule of
people wid afrikan ancestry (so wats killings them? must be the meds...)
!)) women who work 8-10 hours a day or do close readig birth females 90% of the time
!!) women who use the computer more than 4 hours a day have a higher chance of
birthing mutated babies
!@) if melanin dominate children mature faster mentally than melanin deficient
individuals. so when a black kid dont start school until he is 5 mental
retardation could occur
!#) if ur eye color is any other color but blue, black or brown there is a nerve
imbalance in your brain
!$) black people cannot take 90 percent of the medicine prescribe to white people
(its toxic)
(I kinda knew this one) The FDA knows that certain heart medications are not good for black folks but they give it to our grandmothers, mother, aunties and sister that shit i the only person who care?

Homework: Look up Jewell Pookrum