Monday, August 18, 2008

My Other Cousin

You know Silky my sister in law, comrade, secretary and life coach lol. But nah for real we found out today that her great grandmother Jaunita was my grandfather's 1st cousin. Now technically that would make us cousins by blood. Now aint that sum hotness.
I find this funny because we was going everywhere telling people we was sisters or cousins and it just happens to be true....sometimes I swear I'm my own genie.

I'm feeling great today...

Mz. Shakur Do Hunt Dem Hunters

(Wolf Howls)
I'm not a hunter but i am told,
that, uh, in places like in the arctic,
where indiginous people sometimes might, might, hunt a wolf,
they'll take a double edged blade,
and they'll put blood on the blade,
and they'll melt the ice and stick the handle in the ice,
so that only the blade is protruding,
and that a wolf will smell the blood and wants to eat,
and it will come and lick the blade trying to eat,
and what happens is when the wolf licks the blade,
of course, he cuts his tongue, and he bleeds,
and he thinks he's really having a good thing,
and he drinks and he licks and he licks,
and of course he is drinking his own blood and he kills himself,
thats what the Imperialists did with us with crack cocaine,
you have these young brothers out there who think they are getting something
they gonna make a living with,
they is getting something they can buy a car,
like the white people have cars, why can't i have a car?
they getting something they can get a piece of gold,
white people have gold, why can't i have gold?
they getting something to get a house,
white people have a house, why can't i have a house?
and they actually think that theres something thats bringing resources to them,
but they're killing themselves just like the wolf was licking the blade,
and they're slowly dying without knowing it.
thats whats happening to the community, you with me on that?
thats exactly, precisely what happens to the community,
and instead of blaming the hunter who put the damn handle and blade in the ice
for the wolf,
that what happens is the wolf gets the blame, gets the blame for trying to live,
thats what happens in our community,
you don't blame the person, the victim,
you blame the oppressor, Imperialism, white power is the enemy,
was the enemy when it first came to Africa,
and snatched up the first African brothers here against our will,
is the enemy today,
and thats the thing that we have to understand.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Cuzo

just has a way with the ladies. But true or no doesnt Low look scared as hell?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Low and G

That sleepover was the shit

Monday, August 11, 2008

Long Time Coming


I used to watch this dude on tv and now I'm gonna do a show with him....dreams come true

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mr. Mac

Thank you for making us laugh and giving a us a good reason to sneak and hear your dirty Kingly mouth


Friday, August 08, 2008

Dumb You Down

I would like to give you sum musical backround before you see this fuckery...

now watch how they are literally dumbing us down...

Have you seen the movie Waking Life? Buy it!!

International Playgirl Reformed? Nah...not happening

I cant stop humming this for sum reason...maybe becuase I'm ready for the tour...

Guess who coming to my show on the 20th?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Who Said You Cant Love Your Sister-In-Law...

cuz I love mine we drink together, smoke together, get lost on the lower east side together. She is pretty, smart and she is not a bird. We have way intrestign and deep conversation wid each other. Way refreshing when birds and pidgeons are your only option (lol) thats my bitch and she doubles as my secretary

we was being "fat asses" we ate pizza, fruit cup, and then ice cream

oh yeah she is good at shutting up deli huggers and hood posers....


Mr. Young

Randomly going through my myspace i hit up one of my poetry comrades B Yung. He had a double victory getting selected to be on the Youth Poetry Nationals and the Adult Poetry Nationals (yea he does have skillz). Shorty is the truth. Anyway I asked him to make me a list of venues in Wisconsin and he went above and beyond and said he would make a list for me where ever he go. Thats sweet. But he is also cute thats why he gets his own blog playing

but check my homey B Yung out at

The 20th

My manager Reggie put me on the spot last night and asked me what I was doing to get my show out there to the public (ref. to my show on the 20th with Black Ice) So I showed him my myspace page and it was listed ut he said that I didnt have the day (e.x. mon) in front of the date so I wrote a blog with all the info on it and posted it (go to my site and look at it, much prettier)

Wednesday August 20, 248 @ the Key Club...
Current mood: excited
Category: Parties and Nightlife

is going to be the place to be; POETS, SINGERS and MCS welcomed to the Verse for Verse Open Mic hosted by RAS BARAKA (author of Black Girls Love Hard) and JUBA DOWDELL; GIA SHAKUR (WORDSTOCK artist, author of Constellation of a Block Star) opening for BLACK ICE (Def Poet, Broadway Performer and Recording Artist) in addition to performances by Rainmaker and Definition and several members from the WORDSTOCK poetry collective. Celebrate with Gia as she releases her debut compilation of poetry CONSTELLATION OF A BLOCK STAR. Let your Verse be heard.

When - Wednesday August 20th 2008
Where - The Key Club 58 Park Place (Downtown Newark) , New Jersey
Cost - 10 b4 10/ 12 after

Oh yea but I didnt tell you the funiest part...nigga got on the phone with my mother and told her that I was slacking on my job and missed know I got screamed at right?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008